Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 12, Issue 6

417 -- 0. Editorial
418 -- 422Mike Holcombe. What are X-Machines?
423 -- 442Robert M. Hierons, Mark Harman. Testing Conformance to a Quasi-Non-Deterministic Stream X-Machine
443 -- 458Florentin Ipate, Mike Holcombe. Generating Test Sets from Non-Deterministic Stream X-Machines
459 -- 472Marian Gheorghe. Generalised Stream X-Machines and Cooperating Distributed Grammar Systems
473 -- 484Tudor Balanescu. Generalised Stream X-Machines with Output Delimited Type
485 -- 500Anthony J. Cowling, Horia Georgescu, Cristina Vertan. A Structured Way to Use Channels for Communication in X-Machine Systems

Volume 12, Issue 5

313 -- 349Ralph-Johan Back, Joakim von Wright. Encoding, Decoding and Data Refinement
350 -- 371Rachel Cardell-Oliver. Conformance Tests for Real-Time Systems with Timed Automata Specifications
372 -- 391Mark Staples. Interfaces for Refining Recursion and Procedures
392 -- 415Chris M. N. Tofts. Symbolic Approaches to Probability Distributions in Process Algebra

Volume 12, Issue 4

211 -- 215B. Tim Denvir, José Nuno Oliveira, Nico Plat. The Cash-Point (ATM) Problem
216 -- 217Peter Gorm Larsen, Paul Mukherjee, Kim Sunesen. Using VDMTools to Model and Validate the Cash Dispenser Example
218 -- 219Anca Browne, Bernd Finkbeiner, Zohar Manna, Henny Sipma. The Cash-Point Service: A Verification Case Study Using STeP
220 -- 221Henning Dierks, Josef Tapken. Modelling and Verifying of a Cash-Point Service Using MOBY/PLC
222 -- 224Vahur Kotkas, Peep Küngas, Mait Harf. The Cash-Point Service in NUT
225 -- 227Oscar Slotosch. Modelling and Validation: AUTOFOCUS and Quest
228 -- 230Sophie Dupuy, Lydie du Bousquet. A Multi-formalism Approach for the Validation of UML Models
231 -- 232Timo Aaltonen, Pertti Kellomäki, Risto Pitkänen. Specifying Cash-Point with DisCo
233 -- 236Sylvan Dissoubray, Bernard Dion. Design of an Automatic Teller Machine with Esterel Studio
237 -- 259Richard Butterworth, Ann Blandford, David J. Duke. Demonstrating the Cognitive Plausibility of Interactive System Specifications
260 -- 277Gavin J. Doherty, José Creissac Campos, Michael D. Harrison. Representational Reasoning and Verification
278 -- 297Kaisa Sere, Marina A. Waldén. Data Refinement of Remote Procedures
298 -- 312Anthony C. J. Fox, Neal A. Harman. Algebraic Models of Correctness for Microprocessors

Volume 12, Issue 3

145 -- 146Jeannette M. Wing, Jim Woodcock. The First World Congress on Formal Methods in the Development of Computing Systems
147 -- 164Heike Wehrheim. Data Abstraction Techniques in the Validation of CSP-OZ Specifications
165 -- 181Steve Schneider. Abstraction and Testing in CSP
182 -- 198Michael J. Butler. csp2B: A Practical Approach to Combining CSP and B
199 -- 209Andrew Martin. Relating Z and First-Order Logic

Volume 12, Issue 2

71 -- 99Stephan Diehl. Natural Semantics-Directed Generation of Compilers and Abstract Machines
100 -- 119Rajeev Joshi, Jayadev Misra. Maximally Concurrent Programs
120 -- 144Stephen Paynter, James M. Armstrong, Jan Haveman. ADL: An Activity Description Language for Real-Time Networks

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 17Jan A. Bergstra, M. E. Loots. Program Algebra for Component Code
18 -- 40Ralph-Johan Back, Anna Mikhajlova, Joakim von Wright. Class Refinement as Semantics of Correct Object Substitutability
41 -- 51Martin von Mohrenschildt. Algebraic Composition of Function Tables
52 -- 70Antonio Cau. Composing and Refining Dense Temporal Logic Specifications