Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 18, Issue 4

397 -- 420Jennifer Tenzer, Perdita Stevens. On modelling recursive calls and callbacks with two variants of Unified Modelling Language state diagrams
421 -- 431K. Subramani, C. Tauras. An approximation algorithm for state minimization in 2-MDFAs
433 -- 458Frits W. Vaandrager, Adriaan de Groot. Analysis of a biphase mark protocol with Uppaaland PVS
459 -- 493Howard Bowman, Rodolfo Gómez. How to stop time stopping
495 -- 517David J. Pym, Chris M. N. Tofts. A Calculus and logic of resources and processes

Volume 18, Issue 3

263 -- 0Eerke Boiten, Michael Butler. Guest Editorial Editorial for the FAC Special Issue based on derivative papers from Refine 05
264 -- 287Graeme Smith, John Derrick. Verifying data refinements using a model checker
288 -- 307Ana Cavalcanti, Jim Woodcock, Steve Dunne. Angelic nondeterminism in the unifying theories of programming
308 -- 328Steve Schneider, Thai Son Hoang, Ken Robinson, Helen Treharne. Tank monitoring: a pAMN case study
329 -- 363Moshe Deutsch, Martin C. Henson. An analysis of refinement in an abortive paradigm
364 -- 395Martin C. Henson, Moshe Deutsch, Besnik Kajtazi. The specification logic nuZ

Volume 18, Issue 2

103 -- 119David W. Binkley, Sebastian Danicic, Mark Harman, John Howroyd, Lahcen Ouarbya. A formal relationship between program slicing and partial evaluation
120 -- 142Steve McKeever, Wayne Luk. Provably-correct hardware compilation tools based on pass separation techniques
143 -- 151Juan Bicarregui, C. A. R. Hoare, J. C. P. Woodcock. The verified software repository: a step towards the verifying compiler
152 -- 180Karl Lermer, Colin J. Fidge. Procedure compilation in the refinement calculus
181 -- 210Christie Bolton, Jim Davies. A singleton failures semantics for Communicating Sequential Processes
211 -- 230Harald Fecher, Mila E. Majster-Cederbaum. Action Refinement Applied to Late Decisions
231 -- 243Regivan H. Nunes Santiago, Benjamín René Callejas Bedregal, Benedito Melo Acióly. Formal Aspects of Correctness and Optimality of Interval Computations
244 -- 262Sabine Glesner. Finite Integer Computations: An Algebraic Foundation for Their Correctness

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 2John Derrick, Mark Harman, Robert M. Hierons. Guest Editorial
3 -- 30Kirill Bogdanov, Mike Holcombe, Florentin Ipate, L. Seed, Salim K. Vanak. Testing methods for X-machines: a review
31 -- 41Mike Stannett. Simulation testing of automata
42 -- 62Sergiy A. Vilkomir, Jonathan P. Bowen. From MC/DC to RC/DC: formalization and analysis of control-flow testing criteria
63 -- 83Hesham Hallal, Sergiy Boroday, Alexandre Petrenko, Andreas Ulrich. A formal approach to property testing in causally consistent distributed traces
84 -- 101Hasan Ural, Craig Williams. Constructing checking sequences for distributed testing