Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 19, Issue 4

415 -- 416Cliff B. Jones, Jim Woodcock. Editorial
417 -- 444Nikos Gorogiannis, Mark Ryan. Minimal refinements of specifications in modal and temporal logics
445 -- 474Jan A. Bergstra, C. A. Middelburg. Thread algebra for strategic interleaving
475 -- 485Thuy Duong Vu. Deciding orthogonal bisimulation
487 -- 512Phillip J. Brooke, Richard F. Paige, Jeremy L. Jacob. A CSP model of Eiffel s SCOOP
513 -- 550Paul Curzon, Rimvydas Ruksenas, Ann Blandford. An approach to formal verification of human-computer interaction
551 -- 554Matthew Collinson, David J. Pym, Chris M. N. Tofts. Errata for ::::Formal Aspects of Computing:::: (2006) 18: 495-517 and their consequences

Volume 19, Issue 3

275 -- 0Ranko Lazic, Rajagopal Nagarajan. Guest Editorial
277 -- 302Neil Evans, Helen Treharne. Interactive tool support for CSP || B consistency checking
303 -- 319Joy N. Reed, A. W. Roscoe, J. E. Sinclair. Responsiveness and stable revivals
321 -- 341Damián Barsotti, Leonor Prensa Nieto, Alwen Tiu. Verification of clock synchronization algorithms: experiments on a combination of deductive tools
343 -- 362Konrad Slind, Scott Owens, Juliano Iyoda, Mike Gordon. Proof producing synthesis of arithmetic and cryptographic hardware
363 -- 374Milan Ceska, Pavel Erlebach, Tomás Vojnar. Generalised multi-pattern-based verification of programs with linear linked structures
375 -- 399Nathaniel Charlton. Program verification with interacting analysis plugins
401 -- 413Eun-Young Kang, Stephan Merz. Predicate diagrams for the verification of real-time systems

Volume 19, Issue 2

137 -- 138J. Cooke. Editorial (VSTTE Special Issue)
139 -- 158Patrice Chalin. Are the Logical Foundations of Verifying Compiler Prototypes Matching user Expectations?
159 -- 189Gary T. Leavens, K. Rustan M. Leino, Peter Müller. Specification and verification challenges for sequential object-oriented programs
191 -- 203Bart Jacobs, Sjaak Smetsers, Ronny Wichers Schreur. Code-carrying theories
205 -- 224David A. Naumann. On assertion-based encapsulation for object invariants and simulations
225 -- 241Egon Börger. Construction and analysis of ground models and their refinements as a foundation for validating computer-based systems
243 -- 268Aysu Betin-Can, Tevfik Bultan. Highly dependable concurrent programming using design for verification
269 -- 272Rajeev Joshi, Gerard J. Holzmann. A mini challenge: build a verifiable filesystem
273 -- 0Nikos Gorogiannis, Mark Ryan. Minimal refinements of specifications in modal and temporal logics

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 0John Cooke. Editorial
3 -- 33Jane Hillston, Leïla Kloul. Formal techniques for performance analysis: blending SAN and PEPA
35 -- 62Nikos Gorogiannis, Mark Ryan. Minimal refinements of specifications in model and termporal logics
63 -- 91David A. Basin, Hironobu Kuruma, Kunihiko Miyazaki, Kazuo Takaragi, Burkhart Wolff. Verifying a signature architecture: a comparative case study
93 -- 109Ruggero Lanotte, Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini, Angelo Troina. Parametric probabilistic transition systems for system design and analysis
111 -- 136Alan Burns, Tse-Min Lin. An engineering process for the verification of real-time systems