Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 2, Issue 4

301 -- 311Huimin Lin, Man-Chi Pong. Modelling Multiple Inheritance with Colimits
312 -- 330Alain Ah-kee. Proof Obligations for Blocks and Procedures
331 -- 341Mike Stannett. X-Machines and the Halting Problem: Building a Super-Turing Machine
342 -- 358Nandit Soparkar, Abraham Silberschatz. On the Interconnection Constants of Hopfield Nets
359 -- 392N. P. Chapman. Defining, Analysing and Implementing Communication Protocols Using Attribute Grammars

Volume 2, Issue 3

207 -- 225Miki Hermann. Chain Properties of Rule Closures
226 -- 246Xudong He, John A. N. Lee. Integrating Predicate Transition Nets with First Order Temporal Logic in the Specification and Verification of Concurrent Systems
247 -- 272Ralph-Johan Back, Joakim von Wright. Refinement Concepts Formalised in Higher Order Logic
273 -- 293Christian Lengauer, Jeff W. Sanders. The Projection of Systolic Programs

Volume 2, Issue 2

109 -- 122Helmuth Partsch, Frank A. Stomp. A Fast Pattern Matching Algorithm Derived by Transformational and Assertional Reasoning
123 -- 138Eike Best, Jörg Desel. Partial Order Behaviour and Structure of Petri Nets
139 -- 166Wim H. Hesselink. Axioms and Models of Linear Logic
167 -- 195Jayadev Misra. Equational Reasoning About Nondeterministic Processes

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 23José Nuno Oliveira. A Reification Calculus for Model-Oriented Software Specification
24 -- 59José Carmo, Amílcar Sernadas. Branching versus Linear Logics Yet Again
60 -- 104Wim H. Hesselink. Command Algebras, Recursion and Program Transformation