Journal: Formal Asp. Comput.

Volume 7, Issue 6

587 -- 619Philippe Noël. A Transformation-Based Synthesis of Temporal Specifications
620 -- 651Ian Maung. On Simulation, Subtyping and Substitutability in Sequential Object Systems
651 -- 662David A. Naumann. Data Refinement, Call by Value and Higher Order Programs
663 -- 682Sergei Gorlatch, Christian Lengauer. Parallelisation of Divide-and-Conquer in the Bird-Meertens Formalism
683 -- 703Rajit Manohar, K. Rustan M. Leino. Conditional Composition
704 -- 727Paul Mukherjee, Victoria Stavridou. A Theory pf Orwellian Specifications with NewThink

Volume 7, Issue 5

473 -- 509Peter B. Ladkin, Stefan Leue. Interpreting Message Flow Graphs
510 -- 532Zhiming Liu, Mathai Joseph, Tomasz Janowski. Verification of Schedulability for Real-Time Programs
533 -- 549Howard Barringer, Michael Fisher, Dov M. Gabbay, Graham Gough, Richard Owens. METATEM: An Introduction
550 -- 575Kai Engelhardt, Willem P. de Roever. Towards a Practitioners Approach to Abadi and Lamport s Method
576 -- 580K. Rustan M. Leino. A Method for Showing Progress

Volume 7, Issue 4

353 -- 388Rutger M. Dijkstra. DUALITY: A Simple Formalism for the Analysis of UNITY
389 -- 411Wim H. Hesselink. Safety and Progress of Recursive Procedures
412 -- 429Simon J. Thompson. A Logic for Miranda, Revisited
430 -- 439Ian J. Hayes, Jeff W. Sanders. Specification by Interface Separation
440 -- 468Antti Valmari, Martti Tienari. Compositional Failure-based Semantics Models for Basic LOTOS

Volume 7, Issue 3

231 -- 265Nancy A. Lynch, Roberto Segala. A Comparison of Simulation Techniques and Algebraic Tachniques for Verifying Concurrent Systems
266 -- 288Jane Sinclair, Jim Woodcock. Event Refinement in State-Based Concurrent Systems
289 -- 313Graeme Smith. A Fully Abstract Semantics of Classes for Object-Z
314 -- 328Lone Leth, Bent Thomsen. Some Facile Chemistry
329 -- 347Ian J. Hayes, Brendan P. Mahony. Using Units of Measurement in Formal Specifications

Volume 7, Issue 2

113 -- 149Naoki Kobayashi, Akinori Yonezawa. Asynchronous Communication Model Based on Linear Logic
150 -- 168J. Michael Spivey. Unification: A Case-Study in Data Refinement
169 -- 182Ingrid Rewitzky, Chris Brink. Predicate Transformers as Power Operations
183 -- 206Sunil Vadera. Proof by Analogy in Mural
207 -- 225Bryan S. Todd, Richard Stamper. A Formal Model of Explanation

Volume 7, Issue 1

3 -- 17Jan L. A. van de Snepscheut. The Sliding-Window Protocol Revisited
18 -- 36José Félix Costa, Amílcar Sernadas. Progress Assumption in Concurrent Systems
37 -- 53Michael J. Butler, Carroll Morgan. Action Systemes, Unbounded Nondeterminism, and Infinite Traces
54 -- 76Steve King, Carroll Morgan. Exits in the Refinement Calculus
77 -- 90Pierre Lescanne. Termination of Rewrite Systems by Elementary Interpretations
91 -- 105J. Coenen. Hoare s Logic and VDM