Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 13, Issue 3

235 -- 253Olaf Schröer, Ingo Wegener. The Theory of Zero-Suppressed BDDs and the Number of Knight s Tours
289 -- 307Gerard J. Holzmann. An Analysis of Bitstate Hashing

Volume 13, Issue 2

127 -- 158Deepak Kapur, Mahadevan Subramaniam. Mechanical Verification of Adder Circuits using Rewrite Rule Laboratory
159 -- 225Sofiène Tahar, Ramayya Kumar. A Practical Methodology for the Formal Verification of RISC Processors

Volume 13, Issue 1

5 -- 35Marina A. Waldén, Kaisa Sere. Reasoning about Action Systems using the B-Method
37 -- 85Peter A. Beerel, Jerry R. Burch, Teresa H. Y. Meng. Checking Combinational Equivalence of Speed-Independent Circuits
87 -- 119Manfred Broy. A Functional Rephrasing of the Assumption/Commitment Specification Style