Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 24, Issue 3

223 -- 259Thomas Stauner. Properties of Hybrid Systems-A Computer Science Perspective
261 -- 280Rajeev Alur, Sampath Kannan, Salvatore La Torre. Polyhedral Flows in Hybrid Automata
281 -- 320Patricia Bouyer. Forward Analysis of Updatable Timed Automata

Volume 24, Issue 2

99 -- 100Klaus Havelund, Grigore Rosu. Foreword - Selected Papers from the First International Workshop on Runtime Verification held in Paris, July 2001 (RV 01)
101 -- 127Bernd Finkbeiner, Henny Sipma. Checking Finite Traces Using Alternating Automata
129 -- 155Moonzoo Kim, Mahesh Viswanathan, Sampath Kannan, Insup Lee, Oleg Sokolsky. Java-MaC: A Run-Time Assurance Approach for Java Programs
157 -- 188David Kortenkamp, Reid G. Simmons, Tod Milam, Joaquín Lopez Fernández. A Suite of Tools for Debugging Distributed Autonomous Systems
189 -- 215Klaus Havelund, Grigore Rosu. An Overview of the Runtime Verification Tool Java PathExplorer

Volume 24, Issue 1

5 -- 24Ofer Strichman. Accelerating Bounded Model Checking of Safety Properties
25 -- 43Parosh Aziz Abdulla, S. Purushothaman Iyer, Aletta Nylén. SAT-Solving the Coverability Problem for Petri Nets
45 -- 90Leila Silva, Augusto Sampaio, Edna Barros. A Constructive Approach to Hardware/Software Partitioning