Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 3, Issue 3

181 -- 209James B. Saxe, James J. Horning, John V. Guttag, Stephen J. Garland. Using Transformations and Verification in Circuit Design
211 -- 232Jo C. Ebergen, Ad M. G. Peeters. Design and Analysis of Delay-Insensitive Modulo-::::N:::: Counters
233 -- 257Michael Mendler, Terry Stroup. Newtonian Arbiters Cannot be Proven Correct

Volume 3, Issue 1/2

7 -- 24Thomas F. Melham. The HOL Logic Extended with Quantification over Type Variables
25 -- 47Richard J. Boulton. Lazy Techniques for Fully Expansive Theorem Proving
49 -- 81Joakim von Wright, Jukka Hekanaho, P. Luostarinen, Thomas LĂ„ngbacka. Mechanizing Some Advanced Refinement Concepts
83 -- 115Paul Curzon. Deriving Correctness Properties of Compiled Code
117 -- 149Paul Loewenstein. A Formal Theory of Simulations between Infinite Automata
151 -- 174Roger Hale, Rachel Cardell-Oliver, John Herbert. An Embedding of Timed Transition Systems in HOL