Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 34, Issue 3

215 -- 237Paul Gastin, Nathalie Sznajder, Marc Zeitoun. Distributed synthesis for well-connected architectures
238 -- 304Moez Krichen, Stavros Tripakis. Conformance testing for real-time systems

Volume 34, Issue 2

83 -- 103Orna Kupferman, Nir Piterman, Moshe Y. Vardi. From liveness to promptness
104 -- 125Ariel Cohen 0002, Kedar S. Namjoshi. Local proofs for global safety properties
126 -- 156Parosh Aziz Abdulla, Giorgio Delzanno, Ahmed Rezine. Approximated parameterized verification of infinite-state processes with global conditions
157 -- 182Erion Plaku, Lydia E. Kavraki, Moshe Y. Vardi. Hybrid systems: from verification to falsification by combining motion planning and discrete search
183 -- 213Thao Dang, Tarik Nahhal. Coverage-guided test generation for continuous and hybrid systems

Volume 34, Issue 1

1 -- 36Véronique Cortier, Stéphanie Delaune. Safely composing security protocols
37 -- 58Hana Chockler, Ofer Strichman. Before and after vacuity
59 -- 81Remy Chevallier, Emmanuelle Encrenaz-Tiphène, Laurent Fribourg, Weiwen Xu. Timed verification of the generic architecture of a memory circuit using parametric timed automata