Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 38, Issue 3

193 -- 222Karin Quaas. MSO logics for weighted timed automata
223 -- 262Yliès Falcone, Laurent Mounier, Jean-Claude Fernandez, Jean-Luc Richier. Runtime enforcement monitors: composition, synthesis, and enforcement abilities
263 -- 288Peter M. Maurer. Conjugate symmetry

Volume 38, Issue 2

97 -- 118Lubos Brim, Jakub Chaloupka, Laurent Doyen, Raffaella Gentilini, Jean-François Raskin. Faster algorithms for mean-payoff games
119 -- 157Alessandro Lapadula, Rosario Pugliese, Francesco Tiezzi. A WSDL-based type system for asynchronous WS-BPEL processes
158 -- 192Ahmed Bouajjani, Marius Bozga, Peter Habermehl, Radu Iosif, Pierre Moro, Tomás Vojnar. Programs with lists are counter automata

Volume 38, Issue 1

1 -- 32Benoît Delahaye, Benoît Caillaud, Axel Legay. Probabilistic contracts: a compositional reasoning methodology for the design of systems with stochastic and/or non-deterministic aspects
33 -- 61Jan Olaf Blech, Benjamin Grégoire. Certifying compilers using higher-order theorem provers as certificate checkers
62 -- 95Julia M. B. Braman, Richard M. Murray. Bisimulation conversion and verification procedure for goal-based control systems