Journal: Formal Methods in System Design

Volume 8, Issue 3

195 -- 220Kostas N. Oikonomou. On a Class of Optimal Abstractions of Finite-State Machines
221 -- 272Manfred Broy. Experiences with Software Specification and Verification Using LP, The Larch Proof Assistant
273 -- 282Jordan Gergov, Christoph Meinel. Mod-2-OBDDs - A Data Structure that Generalizes EXOR-Sum-of-Products and Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams

Volume 8, Issue 2

105 -- 122Cliff B. Jones. Accommodating Interference in the Formal Design of Concurrent Object-Based Programs
123 -- 151Lalita Jategaonkar Jagadeesan, Carlos Puchol, James Von Olnhausen. A Formal Approach to Reactive Systems Software: A Telecommunications Application in ESTEREL
153 -- 188Mandayam K. Srivas, Steven P. Miller. Applying Formal Verification to the AAMP5 Microprocessor: A Case Study in the Industrial Use of Formal Methods

Volume 8, Issue 1

7 -- 38Paola Inverardi, Corrado Priami. Automatic Verification of Distributed Systems: The Process Algebra Approach
39 -- 64Doron Peled. Combining Partial Order Reductions with On-the-Fly Model-Checking
65 -- 89Tetsuya Yamada, Hiroto Yasuura. On the Computational Power of Binary Decision Diagram with Redundant Variables
91 -- 96Jan Friso Groote. Hiding Propositional Constants in BDDs