Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 11, Issue 6

617 -- 656Stanislav Harizanov, Peter Oswald, Tatiana Shingel. Normal Multi-scale Transforms for Curves
657 -- 706Martin Hutzenthaler, Arnulf Jentzen. Convergence of the Stochastic Euler Scheme for Locally Lipschitz Coefficients
707 -- 731Claire Caillerie, Bertrand Michel. Model Selection for Simplicial Approximation
733 -- 751Frédéric Chazal, David Cohen-Steiner, Quentin Mérigot. Geometric Inference for Probability Measures

Volume 11, Issue 5

499 -- 527Barbara Di Fabio, Claudia Landi. A Mayer-Vietoris Formula for Persistent Homology with an Application to Shape Recognition in the Presence of Occlusions
529 -- 562Melvin Leok, Tomoki Ohsawa. Variational and Geometric Structures of Discrete Dirac Mechanics
563 -- 587Daniel J. Bates, Frank Sottile. Khovanskii-Rolle Continuation for Real Solutions
589 -- 616Ronny Hadani, Amit Singer. Representation Theoretic Patterns in Three-Dimensional Cryo-Electron Microscopy II - The Class Averaging Problem

Volume 11, Issue 4

381 -- 415Erwan Faou, Benoît Grebert. Hamiltonian Interpolation of Splitting Approximations for Nonlinear PDEs
417 -- 487Facundo Mémoli. Gromov-Wasserstein Distances and the Metric Approach to Object Matching
489 -- 497Mihai Putinar. Jean Bernard Lasserre: Moments, Positive Polynomials and Their Applications - Imperial College Press, World Scientific, Singapore, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-84816-445-1. 384 pages. US 85

Volume 11, Issue 3

257 -- 303Laurent Demanet, Gabriel Peyré. Compressive Wave Computation
305 -- 336Paul Bendich, John Harer. Persistent Intersection Homology
337 -- 344Douglas N. Arnold, Gerard Awanou. The Serendipity Family of Finite Elements
345 -- 361Herbert Edelsbrunner, Dmitriy Morozov, Amit K. Patel. Quantifying Transversality by Measuring the Robustness of Intersections
363 -- 379Akram Aldroubi, Romain Tessera. On the Existence of Optimal Unions of Subspaces for Data Modeling and Clustering

Volume 11, Issue 2

131 -- 149Patrick Mullen, Alexander McKenzie, Dmitry Pavlov, L. Durant, Yiying Tong, Eva Kanso, Jerrold E. Marsden, Mathieu Desbrun. Discrete Lie Advection of Differential Forms
153 -- 179Sheehan Olver. Numerical Solution of Riemann-Hilbert Problems: Painlevé II
181 -- 0Sheehan Olver. Erratum to: Numerical Solution of Riemann-Hilbert Problems: Painlevé II
183 -- 210Donald Goldfarb, Shiqian Ma. Convergence of Fixed-Point Continuation Algorithms for Matrix Rank Minimization
211 -- 239Stefano Luzzatto, Pawel Pilarczyk. Finite Resolution Dynamics
241 -- 255Zdenek Strakos. Gene H. Golub and Gérard Meurant: Matrices, Moments and Quadrature with Applications - Princeton University Press, 2010, ix + 363 pp., ISBN 978-0-691-14341-5

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 63Folkmar Bornemann. Accuracy and Stability of Computing High-order Derivatives of Analytic Functions by Cauchy Integrals
79 -- 94Nira Dyn, Ron Goldman. Convergence and Smoothness of Nonlinear Lane-Riesenfeld Algorithms in the Functional Setting
95 -- 129Carlos Beltrán, Luis Miguel Pardo. Fast Linear Homotopy to Find Approximate Zeros of Polynomial Systems