Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 12, Issue 6

719 -- 763Carlos Beltrán, Michael Shub. On the Geometry and Topology of the Solution Variety for Polynomial System Solving
765 -- 803Antonio Falcó, Wolfgang Hackbusch. On Minimal Subspaces in Tensor Representations
805 -- 849Venkat Chandrasekaran, Benjamin Recht, Pablo A. Parrilo, Alan S. Willsky. The Convex Geometry of Linear Inverse Problems
851 -- 881J. William Helton, Jiawang Nie. A Semidefinite Approach for Truncated K-Moment Problems

Volume 12, Issue 5

541 -- 571Peter Scheiblechner. Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity and Computing the de Rham Cohomology of Smooth Projective Varieties
573 -- 623Leonardo E. Figueroa, Endre Süli. Greedy Approximation of High-Dimensional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Operators
625 -- 670Thomas Hangelbroek, Francis J. Narcowich, Joseph D. Ward. Polyharmonic and Related Kernels on Manifolds: Interpolation and Approximation
671 -- 718Albert Cohen, Ronald A. DeVore, Ricardo H. Nochetto. Convergence Rates of AFEM with H -1 Data

Volume 12, Issue 4

389 -- 434Joel A. Tropp. User-Friendly Tail Bounds for Sums of Random Matrices
435 -- 469Velleda Baldoni, Nicole Berline, Jesús A. De Loera, Matthias Köppe, Michèle Vergne. Computation of the Highest Coefficients of Weighted Ehrhart Quasi-polynomials of Rational Polyhedra
471 -- 508P. Chartier, A. Murua, J.-M. Sanz-Serna. Higher-Order Averaging, Formal Series and Numerical Integration II: The Quasi-Periodic Case
509 -- 540Jesús A. De Loera, Bernd Sturmfels, Cynthia Vinzant. The Central Curve in Linear Programming

Volume 12, Issue 3

263 -- 293Michael Holst, Ari Stern. Geometric Variational Crimes: Hilbert Complexes, Finite Element Exterior Calculus, and Problems on Hypersurfaces
295 -- 325Laurent Younes. Constrained Diffeomorphic Shape Evolution
327 -- 362Saugata Basu. A Complex Analogue of Toda's Theorem
363 -- 387Michael Holst, Ari Stern. Semilinear Mixed Problems on Hilbert Complexes and Their Numerical Approximation

Volume 12, Issue 2

139 -- 172Nurlan Nauryzbayev, Nurlan Temirgaliyev. An Exact Order of Discrepancy of the Smolyak Grid and Some General Conclusions in the Theory of Numerical Integration
173 -- 201Martin Weimann. Algebraic Osculation and Application to Factorization of Sparse Polynomials
203 -- 228Daan Huybrechs, Sheehan Olver. Superinterpolation in Highly Oscillatory Quadrature
229 -- 262Massimo Fornasier, Karin Schnass, Jan Vybíral. Learning Functions of Few Arbitrary Linear Parameters in High Dimensions

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 48Laurent Bartholdi, Thomas Schick, Nat Smale, Steve Smale. Hodge Theory on Metric Spaces
49 -- 73Chafik Samir, Pierre-Antoine Absil, Anuj Srivastava, Eric Klassen. A Gradient-Descent Method for Curve Fitting on Riemannian Manifolds
75 -- 122Bernd Bank, Marc Giusti, Joos Heintz, Lutz Lehmann, Luis Miguel Pardo. Algorithms of Intrinsic Complexity for Point Searching in Compact Real Singular Hypersurfaces
123 -- 137Arnaud Chéritat. Braverman and Yampolsky: Computability of Julia Sets - Algorithms and Computations in Mathematics, Volume 23, Springer