Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 20, Issue 6

1363 -- 1400Robert I. McLachlan, Christian Offen. Preservation of Bifurcations of Hamiltonian Boundary Value Problems Under Discretisation
1401 -- 1438Umberto Biccari, Aurora Marica, Enrique Zuazua. Propagation of One- and Two-Dimensional Discrete Waves Under Finite Difference Approximation
1439 -- 1473Martin Lotz, Vanni Noferini. Wilkinson's Bus: Weak Condition Numbers, with an Application to Singular Polynomial Eigenproblems
1475 -- 1504Nilima Nigam, Bartlomiej Siudeja, Benjamin Young. A Proof via Finite Elements for Schiffer's Conjecture on a Regular Pentagon
1505 -- 1547Assyr Abdulle, Timothée Pouchon. Effective Models and Numerical Homogenization for Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media on Arbitrary Timescales
1549 -- 1651L. Robert Hocking, Thomas Holding, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb. Analysis of Artifacts in Shell-Based Image Inpainting: Why They Occur and How to Eliminate Them
1653 -- 1666Heinz H. Bauschke, Walaa M. Moursi. On the Minimal Displacement Vector of Compositions and Convex Combinations of Nonexpansive Mappings
1667 -- 1668Peter Bürgisser. Correction To: The Complexity of Factors of Multivariate Polynomials

Volume 20, Issue 5

967 -- 1012Bogdan Batko, Tomasz Kaczynski, Marian Mrozek, Thomas Wanner. Linking Combinatorial and Classical Dynamics: Conley Index and Morse Decompositions
1013 -- 1034Clément Maria, Jonathan Spreer. A Polynomial-Time Algorithm to Compute Turaev-Viro Invariants $\mathrm {TV}_{4, q}$ of 3-Manifolds with Bounded First Betti Number
1035 -- 1133Charles Fefferman, Sergei Ivanov 0001, Yaroslav Kurylev, Matti Lassas, Hariharan Narayanan. Reconstruction and Interpolation of Manifolds. I: The Geometric Whitney Problem
1135 -- 1173Kathlén Kohn, Kristian Ranestad. Projective Geometry of Wachspress Coordinates
1175 -- 1236Markus Bachmayr, Vladimir A. Kazeev. Stability of Low-Rank Tensor Representations and Structured Multilevel Preconditioning for Elliptic PDEs
1237 -- 1271Håvard Bakke Bjerkevik, Magnus Bakke Botnan, Michael Kerber. Computing the Interleaving Distance is NP-Hard
1273 -- 1307Laurent Baratchart, Cristobal Villalobos Guillén, Douglas P. Hardin, Michael Carr Northington, Edward B. Saff. Inverse Potential Problems for Divergence of Measures with Total Variation Regularization
1309 -- 1362Samuel Lanthaler, Siddhartha Mishra. On the Convergence of the Spectral Viscosity Method for the Two-Dimensional Incompressible Euler Equations with Rough Initial Data

Volume 20, Issue 4

633 -- 679Sarah Dean, Horia Mania, Nikolai Matni, Benjamin Recht, Stephen Tu. On the Sample Complexity of the Linear Quadratic Regulator
681 -- 752Guillaume Chèze, Thierry Combot. Symbolic Computations of First Integrals for Polynomial Vector Fields
753 -- 781Dima Grigoriev, Vladimir V. Podolskii. Tropical Combinatorial Nullstellensatz and Sparse Polynomials
783 -- 800Thomas Markwig, Yue Ren. Computing Tropical Varieties Over Fields with Valuation
801 -- 826Qiang Du, Xiaochuan Tian. Mathematics of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics: A Study via Nonlocal Stokes Equations
827 -- 887Nicolás García Trillos, Moritz Gerlach, Matthias Hein, Dejan Slepcev. Error Estimates for Spectral Convergence of the Graph Laplacian on Random Geometric Graphs Toward the Laplace-Beltrami Operator
889 -- 921Klas Modin, Milo Viviani. Lie-Poisson Methods for Isospectral Flows
923 -- 966Eduard Feireisl, Mária Lukácová-Medvid'ová, Hana Mizerová. Convergence of Finite Volume Schemes for the Euler Equations via Dissipative Measure-Valued Solutions

Volume 20, Issue 3

367 -- 421Shuyang Ling, Thomas Strohmer. Certifying Global Optimality of Graph Cuts via Semidefinite Relaxation: A Performance Guarantee for Spectral Clustering
423 -- 450Andrii Dmytryshyn, Stefan Johansson, Bo Kågström, Paul Van Dooren. Geometry of Matrix Polynomial Spaces
451 -- 632Cong Ma, Kaizheng Wang, Yuejie Chi, Yuxin Chen 0002. Implicit Regularization in Nonconvex Statistical Estimation: Gradient Descent Converges Linearly for Phase Retrieval, Matrix Completion, and Blind Deconvolution

Volume 20, Issue 2

195 -- 222Vidit Nanda. Local Cohomology and Stratification
223 -- 290Ankit Garg, Leonid Gurvits, Rafael Mendes de Oliveira, Avi Wigderson. Operator Scaling: Theory and Applications
291 -- 309Carlos Beltrán, Khazhgali Kozhasov. The Real Polynomial Eigenvalue Problem is Well Conditioned on the Average
311 -- 330Marek Filakovský, Lukás Vokrínek. Are Two Given Maps Homotopic? An Algorithmic Viewpoint
331 -- 366Mark Giesbrecht, Joseph Haraldson, Erich Kaltofen. Computing Approximate Greatest Common Right Divisors of Differential Polynomials

Volume 20, Issue 1

1 -- 33Philippe Chartier, Mohammed Lemou, Florian Méhats, Gilles Vilmart. A New Class of Uniformly Accurate Numerical Schemes for Highly Oscillatory Evolution Equations
35 -- 69Robert I. McLachlan, Ari Stern. Multisymplecticity of Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
71 -- 118Peter Bürgisser, Felipe Cucker, Josué Tonelli-Cueto. Computing the Homology of Semialgebraic Sets. I: Lax Formulas
119 -- 154Damek Davis, Dmitriy Drusvyatskiy, Sham M. Kakade, Jason D. Lee. Stochastic Subgradient Method Converges on Tame Functions
155 -- 194Motonobu Kanagawa, Bharath K. Sriperumbudur, Kenji Fukumizu. Convergence Analysis of Deterministic Kernel-Based Quadrature Rules in Misspecified Settings