Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 5, Issue 4

349 -- 0Lenore Blum, Felipe Cucker, Tomaso Poggio, James Renegar, Michael Shub. Foreword
351 -- 387Peter Bürgisser, Felipe Cucker, Martin Lotz. Counting Complexity Classes for Numeric Computations. III: Complex Projective Sets
389 -- 407Serkan Hosten, Amit Khetan, Bernd Sturmfels. Solving the Likelihood Equations
409 -- 449William D. Kalies, Konstantin Mischaikow, R. C. A. M. VanderVorst. An Algorithmic Approach to Chain Recurrence
451 -- 491Grzegorz W. Wasilkowski, Henryk Wozniakowski. Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Multivariate Linear Problems with Finite-Order Weights: Worst Case Setting

Volume 5, Issue 3

231 -- 255Klaus Meer. Transparent Long Proofs: A First PCP Theorem for NP::R::
257 -- 311Marc Giusti, Grégoire Lecerf, Bruno Salvy, Jean-Claude Yakoubsohn. On Location and Approximation of Clusters of Zeros of Analytic Functions
313 -- 347Facundo Mémoli, Guillermo Sapiro. A Theoretical and Computational Framework for Isometry Invariant Recognition of Point Cloud Data

Volume 5, Issue 2

125 -- 144Jean-Marc Azaïs, Mario Wschebor. On the Roots of a Random System of Equations. The Theorem of Shub and Smale and Some Extensions
145 -- 171Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Gregorio Malajovich, Mike Shub. On the Curvature of the Central Path of Linear Programming Theory
173 -- 198Alain Trouvé, Laurent Younes. Metamorphoses Through Lie Group Action
199 -- 229Konstantin Mischaikow, Marian Mrozek, Pawel Pilarczyk. Graph Approach to the Computation of the Homology of Continuous Maps

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 58Guillaume Charpiat, Olivier D. Faugeras, Renaud Keriven. Approximations of Shape Metrics and Application to Shape Warping and Empirical Shape Statistics
59 -- 85Ernesto De Vito, Andrea Caponnetto, Lorenzo Rosasco. Model Selection for Regularized Least-Squares Algorithm in Learning Theory
87 -- 123Robert I. McLachlan, Antonella Zanna. The Discrete Moser-Veselov Algorithm for the Free Rigid Body, Revisited