Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 6, Issue 4

387 -- 426A. Murua. The Hopf Algebra of Rooted Trees, Free Lie Algebras, and Lie Series
457 -- 493Marian Mrozek. Index Pairs Algorithms
495 -- 535Daniel Wilczak. The Existence of Shilnikov Homoclinic Orbits in the Michelson System: A Computer Assisted Proof

Volume 6, Issue 3

269 -- 308Peter J. Vassiliou. Efficient Construction of Contact Coordinates for PartialProlongations
309 -- 351Katsiaryna Krupchyk, Werner M. Seiler, Jukka Tuomela. Overdetermined Elliptic Systems
353 -- 386Ian G. Lisle, Gregory J. Reid. Symmetry Classification Using Noncommutative Invariant Differential Operators

Volume 6, Issue 2

145 -- 170Steve Smale, Yuan Yao. Online Learning Algorithms
171 -- 192Qiang Wu, Yiming Ying, Ding-Xuan Zhou. Learning Rates of Least-Square Regularized Regression
193 -- 225Sergio Amat, Rosa Donat, Jacques Liandrat, J. Carlos Trillo. Analysis of a New Nonlinear Subdivision Scheme. Applications in Image Processing
227 -- 254Emmanuel J. Cand├Ęs, Justin K. Romberg. Quantitative Robust Uncertainty Principles and Optimally Sparse Decompositions
255 -- 268Martin N. Huxley, Jovisa D. Zunic. Different Digitisations of Displaced Discs

Volume 6, Issue 1

3 -- 58Ronald A. DeVore, Gerard Kerkyacharian, Dominique Picard, Vladimir N. Temlyakov. Approximation Methods for Supervised Learning
59 -- 79James Renegar. Hyperbolic Programs, and Their Derivative Relaxations
82 -- 120Martin Avendano, Teresa Krick, Ariel Pacetti. Newton-Hensel Interpolation Lifting
121 -- 144Anthony M. Bloch, Arieh Iserles. On an Isospectral Lie-Poisson System and Its Lie Algebra