Journal: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Volume 9, Issue 6

651 -- 674Michal Marvan. Sufficient Set of Integrability Conditions of an Orthonomic System
675 -- 715Laurent Baratchart, Maxim Yattselev. Convergent Interpolation to Cauchy Integrals over Analytic Arcs
717 -- 772Emmanuel J. Candès, Benjamin Recht. Exact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization

Volume 9, Issue 5

517 -- 558Guangliang Chen, Gilad Lerman. Foundations of a Multi-way Spectral Clustering Framework for Hybrid Linear Modeling
559 -- 597Peter H. van der Kamp. Global Classification of Two-Component Approximately Integrable Evolution Equations
599 -- 609Klaus Meer, Martin Ziegler. Real Computational Universality: The Word Problem for a Class of Groups with Infinite Presentation
611 -- 649Daniel Wilczak, Piotr Zgliczynski. Period Doubling in the Rössler System - A Computer Assisted Proof

Volume 9, Issue 4

391 -- 429Jakob Creutzig, Steffen Dereich, Thomas Müller-Gronbach, Klaus Ritter. Infinite-Dimensional Quadrature and Approximation of Distributions
431 -- 460Michael Gnewuch, Henryk Wozniakowski. Generalized Tractability for Multivariate Problems Part II: Linear Tensor Product Problems, Linear Information, and Unrestricted Tractability
461 -- 483James T. Albrecht, Cy P. Chan, Alan Edelman. Sturm Sequences and Random Eigenvalue Distributions
485 -- 513A. S. Lewis, D. R. Luke, J. Malick. Local Linear Convergence for Alternating and Averaged Nonconvex Projections
515 -- 516D. Azé. H. Attouch, G. Buttazzo, and G. Michaille. Variational Analysis in Sobolev and ::::BV:::: Spaces, in MPS-SIAM Series on Optimization

Volume 9, Issue 3

259 -- 294Cristina Vagnoni, Marino Zennaro. The Analysis and the Representation of Balanced Complex Polytopes in 2D
295 -- 316Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard, Dominique Manchon. A Magnus- and Fer-Type Formula in Dendriform Algebras
317 -- 334Deanna Needell, Roman Vershynin. Uniform Uncertainty Principle and Signal Recovery via Regularized Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
335 -- 358Raphael Hauser, Tobias Müller. Conditioning of Random Conic Systems Under a General Family of Input Distributions
359 -- 390Frank Aurzada, Steffen Dereich. The Coding Complexity of Lévy Processes

Volume 9, Issue 2

135 -- 170Peter Bürgisser, Felipe Cucker. Exotic Quantifiers, Complexity Classes, and Complete Problems
171 -- 178Michael Shub. Complexity of Bezout s Theorem VI: Geodesics in the Condition (Number) Metric
179 -- 195Carlos Beltrán, Michael Shub. Complexity of Bezout s Theorem VII: Distance Estimates in the Condition Metric
197 -- 219Nawaf Bou-Rabee, Jerrold E. Marsden. Hamilton-Pontryagin Integrators on Lie Groups Part I: Introduction and Structure-Preserving Properties
221 -- 242C. J. Cotter, D. D. Holm. Continuous and Discrete Clebsch Variational Principles
243 -- 257Hongzhi Tong, Di-Rong Chen, Lizhong Peng. Analysis of Support Vector Machines Regression

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 50Gabriela Jeronimo, Guillermo Matera, Pablo Solernó, Ariel Waissbein. Deformation Techniques for Sparse Systems
51 -- 77Richard G. Baraniuk, Michael B. Wakin. Random Projections of Smooth Manifolds
79 -- 103David Cohen-Steiner, Herbert Edelsbrunner, John Harer. Extending Persistence Using Poincaré and Lefschetz Duality
105 -- 132Grzegorz W. Wasilkowski, Henryk Wozniakowski. Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Multivariate Linear Problems with Finite-Order Weights: Average Case Setting
133 -- 134David Cohen-Steiner, Herbert Edelsbrunner, John Harer. Extending Persistence Using Poincaré and Lefschetz Duality