Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 12, Issue 4

213 -- 218D. Robey. Is Information and Organization an A journal?
219 -- 248Jonathan Wareham. Anthropologies of information costs: expanding the neo-institutional view
249 -- 281Sandeep Purao, Matti Rossi, Ashley A. Bush. Towards an understanding of the use of problem and design spaces during object-oriented system development

Volume 12, Issue 3

135 -- 152R. Santhanam. Improving training outcomes using pre-training scripts: a theory of planned behavior approach
153 -- 182G. M. Schwarz. Organizational hierarchy adaptation and information technology
183 -- 211M. P. A. Thompson. Cultivating meaning: interpretive fine-tuning of a South African health information system

Volume 12, Issue 2

71 -- 84Lucas D. Introna. The (im)possibility of ethics in the information age
85 -- 107Rosío Alvarez. Confessions of an information worker: a critical analysis of information requirements discourse
109 -- 134G. C. Avery, E. Baker. Reframing the infomated household-workplace

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 18Morten Hertzum. The importance of trust in software engineers' assessment and choice of information sources
19 -- 38Steve C. A. Peters, Michael S. H. Heng, R. Vet. Formation of the information systems strategy: in a global financial services company
39 -- 70John Tillquist. Rules of the game: constructing norms of influence, subordination and constraint in IT planning