Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 13, Issue 4

231 -- 256M. Arnold. On the phenomenology of technology: the "Janus-faces" of mobile phones
257 -- 284Matthew Jones. The expert system: constructing expertise in an IT/management consultancy
285 -- 313Susan V. Scott, Erica L. Wagner. Networks, negotiations, and new times: the implementation of enterprise resource planning into an academic administration

Volume 13, Issue 3

153 -- 202Rajiv Sabherwal. The evolution of coordination in outsourced software development projects: a comparison of client and vendor perspectives
203 -- 229Gunnar Ellingsen, Eric Monteiro. Mechanisms for producing a working knowledge: Enacting, orchestrating and organizing

Volume 13, Issue 2

85 -- 110Lois S. Mahoney, Pamela B. Roush, Dale Bandy. An investigation of the effects of decisional guidance and cognitive ability on decision-making involving uncertainty data
111 -- 129D. Robey, K. S. Schwaig, L. Jin. Intertwining material and virtual work
131 -- 150Martin Lengwiler. Technologies of trust: actuarial theory, insurance sciences, and the establishment of the welfare state in Germany and Switzerland around 1900

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 24Debra Howcroft, Melanie Wilson. Paradoxes of participatory practices: the Janus role of the systems developer
25 -- 52Sue Newell, Jimmy C. Huang, Robert D. Galliers, Shan Ling Pan. Implementing enterprise resource planning and knowledge management systems in tandem: fostering efficiency and innovation complementarity
53 -- 84B. P. Bloomfield, C. McLean. Beyond the walls of the asylum: information and organization in the provision of community mental health services