Journal: Information and Organization

Volume 27, Issue 4

191 -- 210Niccol├│ Tempini. Till data do us part: Understanding data-based value creation in data-intensive infrastructures
211 -- 225Donald Heath, Rakesh Babu. Theorizing managerial perceptions, enabling IT, and the social inclusion of workers with disabilities

Volume 27, Issue 3

137 -- 143Brian T. Pentland, Alex P. Pentland, Roger J. Calantone. Bracketing off the actors: Towards an action-centric research agenda
144 -- 162Ana Ortiz de Guinea, Jane Webster. Combining variance and process in information systems research: Hybrid approaches
163 -- 170Dionysios S. Demetis, Allen S. Lee. Taking the first step with systems theorizing in information systems: A response
171 -- 189John Mingers, Craig Standing. Why things happen - Developing the critical realist view of causal mechanisms

Volume 27, Issue 2

73 -- 86Marios Samdanis, Soo Hee Lee. White space and digital remediation of design practice in architecture: A case study of Frank O. Gehry
87 -- 99Brad McKenna, Michael D. Myers, Michael Newman. Social media in qualitative research: Challenges and recommendations
100 -- 115Chad Anderson, Daniel Robey. Affordance potency: Explaining the actualization of technology affordances
116 -- 135Maha Shaikh, Ola Henfridsson. Governing open source software through coordination processes

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 16Sebastian K. Boell. Information: Fundamental positions and their implications for information systems research, education and practice
17 -- 36John Mingers, Leslie P. Willcocks. An integrative semiotic methodology for IS research
37 -- 46Gerald C. Kane. The evolutionary implications of social media for organizational knowledge management
47 -- 59Paul M. Leonardi. The social media revolution: Sharing and learning in the age of leaky knowledge
60 -- 66Ulrike Schultze. What kind of world do we want to help make with our theories?
67 -- 71John Mingers. Back to the future: A critique of Demetis and Lee's "Crafting theory to satisfy the requirements of systems science"