Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 2, Issue 1-4

1 -- 2Fazel Famili. Letter From the Editor
3 -- 18Eric Bloedorn, Inderjeet Mani. Using NLP for Machine Learning of User Profiles
19 -- 30Milan Milatovic, Adedeji B. Badiru. Fast Estimation of the Modal Position for Unimodally Distributed Data
31 -- 44Nikolay I. Nikolaev, Vanio Slavov. Inductive Genetic Programming with Decision Trees
45 -- 62Alvin C. M. Kwan, Edward P. K. Tsang, James E. Borrett. Predicting Phase Transitions of Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems with Constraint Graph Information
63 -- 66Xiaohui Liu, Paul R. Cohen, Michael R. Berthold. Editorial: Reasoning About Data
67 -- 79David J. Hand. Intelligent Data Analysis: Issues and Opportunities
81 -- 96Chidanand Apté, Se June Hong, Jonathan R. M. Hosking, Jorge Lepre, Edwin P. D. Pednault, Barry K. Rosen. Decomposition of Heterogeneous Classification Problems
97 -- 122Riccardo Bellazzi, Cristiana Larizza, Alberto Riva. Temporal Abstractions for Interpreting Diabetic Patients Monitoring Data
123 -- 138Elizabeth Bradley, Matthew Easley. Reasoning about Sensor Data for Automated System Identification
139 -- 160Marco Ramoni, Paola Sebastiani. Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Networks from Incomplete Databases
163 -- 164Fazel Famili. Letter From the Editor
165 -- 185Yuanhui Zhou, Yuchang Lu, Chunyi Shi. Mining Classification Rules in Multistrategy Learning Approach
187 -- 202Pedro Domingos. Knowledge Discovery Via Multiple Models
203 -- 214Matthew Partridge, Rafael A. Calvo. Fast Dimensionality Reduction and Simple PCA
215 -- 227Shusaku Tsumoto. Extraction of Experts Decision Rules from Clinical Databases Using Rough Set Model
229 -- 244Eric Boudaillier, Georges Hébrail. Interactive Interpretation of Hierarchical Clustering
245 -- 255Lewis Frey, Cen Li, Douglas A. Talbert, Douglas H. Fisher. A Review of the Fourteenth International Conference on Machine Learning
263 -- 264Fazel Famili. Letter From the Editor
265 -- 286Joaquim Pinto da Costa, Israel-César Lerman. ARCADE: A Prediction Method for Nominal Variables
287 -- 301Sylvian R. Ray, William H. Hsu. Self-Organized-Expert Modular Network for Classification of Spatiotemporal Sequences
303 -- 310Nitin Indurkhya, Sholom M. Weiss. Estimating Performance Gains for Voted Decision Trees
311 -- 332Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Fernando J. Martinelli. Application of Machine Learning in Water Distribution Networks
333 -- 347Matt Humphrey, Sally Jo Cunningham, Ian H. Witten. Knowledge Visualization Techniques for Machine Learning