Journal: Intell. Data Anal.

Volume 23, Issue S1

1 -- 2. Editorial
3 -- 23Yi Zhao, Junfei Guo, Keqing He. An on-demand service aggregation and service recommendation method based on RGPS
25 -- 52Ye Li, Yiyan Chen, Qun Li. A clustering algorithm for fuzzy numbers based on fast search and find of density peaks
53 -- 65Jun-Hua Chen, Yan-Hui Hao, Hao Wang, Tao Wang, Ding-Wen Zheng. Futures price prediction modeling and decision-making based on DBN deep learning
67 -- 85Chun Yan, Meixuan Li, Wei Liu 0051. Improved ELM optimization model for automobile insurance fraud identification based on AFSA
87 -- 111Sishuai Liang. On a new polynomial algorithm for solving NPC problems
113 -- 132Haitao Cheng, Ruchuan Wang, Peng Li 0011, He Xu. Representing and reasoning fuzzy spatio- temporal knowledge with description logics: A survey
133 -- 151Jin Gou, Junjie Guo, Lu Zhang, Cheng Wang. Collaborative filtering recommendation system based on trust-aware and domain experts
153 -- 173Xiaolin Zhu, Yongguo Liu. An efficient frequent pattern mining algorithm using a highly compressed prefix tree
175 -- 198Hongjiang Ma, Xiangbing Zhou. A GPS location data clustering approach based on a niche genetic algorithm and hybrid K-means
199 -- 224Ye Li, Yiyan Chen, Qun Li. A fuzzy mixed data clustering algorithm by fast search and find of density peaks

Volume 23, Issue 6

1187 -- 1189. Editorial
1191 -- 1204Haiyang Yu, Xiaoying Sun, Xuezhi Yan. Sequential prediction for imbalanced data stream via weighted OS-ELM and dynamic GAN
1205 -- 1217Yun Hou, Li Li, Bailin Li, Jiajia Liu. An anti-noise ensemble algorithm for imbalance classification
1219 -- 1241Haifeng Li 0006, Mo Hai, Ning Zhang, Jianming Zhu, Yue Wang, Huaihu Cao. Probabilistic maximal frequent itemset mining methods over uncertain databases
1243 -- 1269Ahmad A. Saifan, Nawzat Al Smadi. Source code-based defect prediction using deep learning and transfer learning
1271 -- 1297Wasin Kalintha, Satoshi Ono, Masayuki Numao, Ken-ichi Fukui. Kernelized evolutionary distance metric learning for semi-supervised clustering
1299 -- 1312Elena Bellodi, Ken Satoh, Mahito Sugiyama. Summarizing significant subgraphs by probabilistic logic programming
1313 -- 1334Haicheng Qu, Jitao Qin, Hao Chen 0014. The comparison network model for cyber anomaly detection
1335 -- 1353Maozu Guo, Donghua Yu, GuoJun Liu, Xiaoyan Liu, Shuang Cheng. Drug-target interaction data cluster analysis based on improving the density peaks clustering algorithm
1355 -- 1378Saulo Ruiz, Pedro Gomes, Luís Rodrigues, João Gama. Credit scoring for microfinance using behavioral data in emerging markets
1379 -- 1395Somayyeh Aghababaei, Masoud Makrehchi. Interpolative self-training approach for link prediction
1397 -- 1419Xiaohan Wang, Zepei Zhang, Yonglong Luo, Qingying Yu. Hierarchical interpolation point anonymity for trajectory privacy protection
1421 -- 1437Zhuo Tang, Zeyu Liu, Kenli Li, Keqin Li 0001. Real-time incremental recommendation for streaming data based on apache flink

Volume 23, Issue 5

975 -- 990Hongfang Zhou, Hongjiang Liu, Yingjie Zhang, Yao Zhang. An outlier detection algorithm based on an integrated outlier factor
991 -- 1002Yongmou Li, Yijie Wang, Xingkong Ma. Variational autoencoder-based outlier detection for high-dimensional data
1003 -- 1020Imen Chakroun, Tom Vander Aa, Tom Ashby. Guidelines for enhancing data locality in selected machine learning algorithms
1021 -- 1040Tomasz Praczyk. Ship trajectory anomaly detection
1041 -- 1054Hongming Peng, Bingbing Li, Di He, Junning Wang. Identification of fixations, saccades and smooth pursuits based on segmentation and clustering
1055 -- 1071Olufunke O. Oladipupo, O. O. Olugbara. Evaluation of data analytics based clustering algorithms for knowledge mining in a student engagement data
1073 -- 1089James Large, Anthony J. Bagnall, Simon Malinowski, Romain Tavenard. On time series classification with dictionary-based classifiers
1091 -- 1107Yang Liu, Lixin Ji, Ruiyang Huang, Tuosiyu Ming, Chao Gao, Jianpeng Zhang. An attention-gated convolutional neural network for sentence classification
1109 -- 1129Angel Díaz-Pacheco, Carlos A. Reyes García. Facing the full model selection problem in high volume datasets employing intelligent proxy models
1131 -- 1144Maryam Bahrami, Hedieh Sajedi. Image concept detection in imbalanced datasets with ensemble of convolutional neural networks
1145 -- 1166Bijan Ranjbar Sahraei, Hossein Rahmani, Gerhard Weiss, Karl Tuyls. Distant supervision of relation extraction in sparse data
1167 -- 1185Xiaohan Wang, Yonglong Luo, Shiyang Liu, Taochun Wang, Huihui Han. Subspace k-anonymity algorithm for location-privacy preservation based on locality-sensitive hashing

Volume 23, Issue 4

737 -- 757Benchong Li, Qiong Gao. Improving data quality with label noise correction
759 -- 778Haizhou Du, Wei Fang, Yi Wang. Hephaistos: A fast and distributed outlier detection approach for big mixed attribute data
779 -- 797Saerom Park, Woojin Lee, Jaewook Lee 0001. Learning of indiscriminate distributions of document embeddings for domain adaptation
799 -- 823Chung-Chian Hsu, Chien-Hao Kung, Jian-Jhong Jheng, Chuan-Yu Chang. Unsupervised distance learning for extended self-organizing map and visualization of mixed-type data
825 -- 838Yuewei Ming, En Zhu, Mao Wang, Qiang Liu 0004, Xinwang Liu, Jianping Yin. Scalable k-means for large-scale clustering
839 -- 853Ning Chen, Bernardete Ribeiro, Chaosheng Tang, An Chen. Multi-label learning vector quantization for semi-supervised classification
855 -- 876Chatchai Kasemtaweechok, Worasait Suwannik. Adaptive geometric median prototype selection method for k-nearest neighbors classification
877 -- 893Hao Wei, Zhisong Pan, Guyu Hu, Haimin Yang, Xin Li, Xingyu Zhou. Attributed network representation learning via DeepWalk
895 -- 915Alejandro García-Rudolph, Alberto García-Molina, Josep María Tormos Muñoz. Predictive models for cognitive rehabilitation of patients with traumatic brain injury
917 -- 931Saisai Ma, Jiuyong Li, Lin Liu 0003, Thuc Duy Le. Discovering context specific causal relationships
933 -- 950Zhuo Tang, Qi Xiao, Li Zhu, Kenli Li, Keqin Li 0001. A semantic textual similarity measurement model based on the syntactic-semantic representation
951 -- 969Hui Li, Fuli Wang, Hongru Li, Xu Wang. The relationship determination between the Bayesian networks nodes based on the intuitionistic fuzzy set

Volume 23, Issue 3

503 -- 533Chuanming Chen, Yonglong Luo, Qingying Yu, Guiyin Hu. TPPG: Privacy-preserving trajectory data publication based on 3D-Grid partition
535 -- 553Uwe Moser, Dieter Schramm. Multivariate dynamic time warping in automotive applications: A review
555 -- 571Abdoullahi Diasse, Zhiyong Li. Multi-view deep unsupervised transfer leaning via joint auto-encoder coupled with dictionary learning
573 -- 585Zhiqiang Zhang, Yichao Hu, Songtao Ye, Binbin Nie, Sen Tian. Local linear regression-based unsupervised truth discovery
587 -- 607Brian Keith Norambuena, Claudio Meneses Villegas. An extension to association rules using a similarity-based approach in semantic vector spaces
609 -- 622Mir Saman Tajbakhsh, Jamshid Bagherzadeh. Semantic knowledge LDA with topic vector for recommending hashtags: Twitter use case
623 -- 639Cheng-Lung Huang. Bayesian recommender system for social information sharing: Incorporating tag-based personalized interest and social relationships
641 -- 659Hongmei Li, Xingchun Diao, Jianjun Cao, Lei Zhang, Qin Feng. Tag-aware recommendation based on Bayesian personalized ranking and feature mapping
661 -- 680Habibollah Asghari, Omid Fatemi, Salar Mohtaj, Heshaam Faili, Paolo Rosso. On the use of word embedding for cross language plagiarism detection
681 -- 699Longxia Zhu, Hua Xu, Yunfeng Xu, Yi Xiao, Jia Li, Junhui Deng, Xiaomin Sun, Xiaoli Bai. A joint model of extended LDA and IBTM over streaming Chinese short texts
701 -- 716Jipeng Qiang, Yun Li 0010, Yunhao Yuan, Wei Liu, Xindong Wu 0001. A practical algorithm for solving the sparseness problem of short text clustering
717 -- 732Jeonghwa Lee, Taek-Ho Lee, Chi-Hyuck Jun. Hybrid data stream clustering by controlling decision error

Volume 23, Issue 2

259 -- 277Heng-yang Lu, Ning Kang, Yun Li, Qianyi Zhan, Jun-Yuan Xie, Chong-Jun Wang. Utilizing Recurrent Neural Network for topic discovery in short text scenarios
279 -- 296Jelena Graovac, Miljana Mladenovic, Ivana Tanasijevic. NgramSPD: Exploring optimal n-gram model for sentiment polarity detection in different languages
297 -- 311Joseph Johnson, Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier. Diversity, accuracy and efficiency in ensemble learning: An unexpected result
313 -- 332Yue Zhao, Kenji Yoshigoe, Hongliang Li, Ke Xiong. Reducing the synchronizing communication overhead for distributed graph-parallel computing
333 -- 355Jin Soung Yoo, Mark Bow. A framework for generating condensed co-location sets from spatial databases
357 -- 370Yue Geng, Xinyu Luo. Cost-sensitive convolutional neural networks for imbalanced time series classification
371 -- 383Yue Peng, Edward Huang, Gang Chen, Chongjun Wang, Junyuan Xie. A general framework for multi-label learning towards class correlations and class imbalance
385 -- 405Tai Vovan. Cluster Width of probability Density functions
407 -- 424Sarach Tuomchomtam, Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj. Community recommendation for text post in social media: A case study on Reddit
425 -- 447Abbas Mirzaei, Morteza Barari, Houman Zarrabi. Efficient resource management for non-orthogonal multiple access: A novel approach towards green hetnets
449 -- 480Adeshina Alani, Isaac Osunmakinde. When multiple weather variables matter: Intelligent STLF of electricity demand for smart homes
481 -- 497Dong Wang 0016, Chengcheng Wang, Jianhua Xiao, Zhu Xiao, Weiwei Chen, Vincent Havyarimana. Bayesian optimization of support vector machine for regression prediction of short-term traffic flow

Volume 23, Issue 1

5 -- 21Chenye Qiu, Fei Xiang. Feature selection using a set based discrete particle swarm optimization and a novel feature subset evaluation criterion
23 -- 39Eduarda Portela, Rita P. Ribeiro, João Gama. The search of conditional outliers
41 -- 56Hui Li 0018, Fuli Wang, Hongru Li. Integrating expert knowledge for Bayesian network structure learning based on intuitionistic fuzzy set and Genetic Algorithm
57 -- 76Youcef Djenouri, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Djamel Djenouri, Asma Belhadi. GPU-based swarm intelligence for Association Rule Mining in big databases
77 -- 102Mahmood Mortazavi-Dehkordi, Kamran Zamanifar. Efficient resource scheduling for the analysis of Big Data streams
103 -- 132Abhik Ray, Lawrence B. Holder, Albert Bifet. Efficient frequent subgraph mining on large streaming graphs
133 -- 158Siti Rohaidah Ahmad, Azuraliza Abu Bakar, Mohd Ridzwan Yaakub. Ant colony optimization for text feature selection in sentiment analysis
159 -- 189Siti Rohaidah Ahmad, Azuraliza Abu Bakar, Mohd Ridzwan Yaakub. A review of feature selection techniques in sentiment analysis
191 -- 214Brian Keith Norambuena, Exequiel Fuentes Lettura, Claudio Meneses Villegas. Sentiment analysis and opinion mining applied to scientific paper reviews
215 -- 226Henry Joutsijoki, Jyrki Rasku, Ilmari Pyykkö, Martti Juhola. Classification of patients and controls based on stabilogram signal data
227 -- 240Viet-Vu Vu, Hong-Quan Do, Vu-Tuan Dang, Nang-Toan Do. An efficient density-based clustering with side information and active learning: A case study for facial expression recognition task
241 -- 253Elías Ventura-Molina, Antonio Alarcón Paredes, Mario Aldape-Pérez, Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez, Gustavo Adolfo Alonso. Gene selection for enhanced classification on microarray data using a weighted k-NN based algorithm