Journal: IJABIM

Volume 1, Issue 4

57 -- 64Huifeng Li, Xiaofang Wang. Study on Chinese Low Carbon Economic Model

Volume 1, Issue 3

1 -- 9Yi Yang, Hong-yan Yan, Ze-yun Yang. Mutual Guarantee Systems of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in China: An Application of Self-Organization Theory
10 -- 22Balakrishnan Muniapan, Ee Yaw Seng. Confucianism Values for Transformational Leadership Development in the Chinese Context
23 -- 34Yuhong Li, Jingyuan Zhao, Han Weixi. Study on Cultural Commercialization and Public Consumption: The Case of China
54 -- 68Valerie C. Y. Zhu, Linyan Sun. The Interactive Relationship between Corporate Cultures, Leadership Style and Knowledge Management

Volume 1, Issue 2

1 -- 11Andrew Chan, Carlson Chan. Entry Strategies into the P.R.C. for Post Recession Wealth Management Service
12 -- 23Huifeng Li, Xuanwei Zhang. Study on Environmental Tax: A Case of China
24 -- 31Noor Azlina Fakiruddin, Hebat Allah A. Wagih, Waleed Fekry Faris. A Study of Customer Satisfaction of an Automotive Company in Malaysia
32 -- 46Claretha Hughes, Jai Wang, Wei Zheng, Laird McLean. Implementation Concerns of Scholar-Practitioners: A Pilot Study of the Link between Research and Practice

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 9Jing Sun, Mingyou Wang. Study on the New Tendency of the International Industry Shifts and Chinese Enterprise Implementation Tactics
10 -- 22Jici Wang, Chun Zhang, Ching-Ning Wang, Ping Chen. Local Milieu in Developing China s Cultural and Creative Industry: The Case of Nanluoguxiang in Beijing
23 -- 31Jilong Zhang, Nattavud Pimpa. Embracing Guanxi: The Literature Review
32 -- 41Vinay Sharma, Piyush Seth, Shujauddin Niyazi. Blue Ocean Strategy: A Vehicle for Entrepreneurship Development and Economic Growth in Rural Areas
42 -- 53Mona Chung, Jane Menzies. Australian Businesses in China: Strategies to Overcome the Cultural Gap
54 -- 76Francesca Spigarelli. Chinese Investments in Italy: Is the Wave Arriving?