Journal: IJCINI

Volume 16, Issue 1

1 -- 20Yuanxin Qiu, Xing Xu, Xien Cheng. The Recognition of Microscopic Images of Ceramics Incorporating Blockchain Technology
1 -- 22Yuyun Zhang. Policy Communication Through Artificial Intelligence in China and Western Countries: General Situations, Topics, and Prospects
1 -- 15Wanxin Chen, Xiao Chen. Developmental Trajectory of the American Yacht Clubs: Using Temporal-Spatial Analysis and Regression Model
1 -- 21Bo Yu, Fahui Gu. Dual-Population Co-Evolution Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm and Its Application: Power Allocation Optimization of Mobile Base Stations
1 -- 15Enrique Osuna, Sergio Castellanos, Jonathan-Hernando Rosales, Luis-Felipe Rodríguez. An Interoperable Framework for Computational Models of Emotion
1 -- 17Chen Yan, Cai Mengxiang, Zheng Mingyong, Kangshun Li. A Many-Objective Practical Swarm Optimization Based on Mixture Uniform Design and Game Mechanism
1 -- 12Minghui Yang, Yuhui Zhai. Exploring the Relationship Between Conception of Language Learning and Foreign Language Learning Burnout: An Empirical Study Among University Students
1 -- 25Yingting Chen, Taro Kanno, Kazuo Furuta. An Empirical Investigation of the Underlying Cognitive Process in Complex Problem Solving: A Proposal of Problem-Solving Discussion Performance Evaluation Methods