Journal: IJCINI

Volume 8, Issue 4

1 -- 16Fionn Murtagh. Pattern Recognition of Subconscious Underpinnings of Cognition using Ultrametric Topological Mapping of Thinking and Memory
17 -- 34Marco Tonti. The Operationalization of the Unconscious: Models of Subcognitive Informatics
35 -- 49Rosapia Lauro Grotto. Formal Approaches in Computational Psychoanalysis and the Embodiment Issue
50 -- 82Giuseppe Iurato. The Dawning of Computational Psychoanalysis: A Proposal for Some First Elementary Formalization Attempts
83 -- 97Giulia Battilotti. Symmetry vs. Duality in Logic: An Interpretation of Bi-Logic to Model Cognitive Processes Beyond Inference
98 -- 109Andrei Khrennikov, Nikolay Kotovich. Towards Ultrametric Modeling of Unconscious Creativity

Volume 8, Issue 3

1 -- 12Zuojin Li, Jun Peng, Liukui Chen, Chen Gui, Lei Song. An Energy Computing Method Inspired from Visual Cognitive Function for Dynamic Behavioural Detection in Video Frames
13 -- 28Ulrich Engelke, Andreas Dünser, Anthony Zeater. Covert Visual Search: Revisiting the Guided Search Paradigm
29 -- 44Yingxu Wang, Victor J. Wiebe. Big Data Analytics on the Characteristic Equilibrium of Collective Opinions in Social Networks
45 -- 69Muhammad Salman Khan, Ken Ferens, Witold Kinsner. A Chaotic Complexity Measure for Cognitive Machine Classification of Cyber-Attacks on Computer Networks
70 -- 86Manuel Fernando Caro Piñeres, Darsana P. Josyula, Jovani A. Jiménez B.. A Formal Model for Metacognitive Reasoning in Intelligent Systems

Volume 8, Issue 2

1 -- 14Rania A. HodHod, Brian Magerko. Computational Creativity: Improv Agents and Conceptual Blending
15 -- 33Ahmed Kharrat, Mohamed Abid. Toward Efficient Segmentation of Brain Tumors Based on Support Vector Machine Classifier Through Optimized RBF Kernel Parameters and Optimal Texture Features
34 -- 46Yingxu Wang. Fuzzy Causal Patterns of Humor and Jokes for Cognitive and Affective Computing
47 -- 59Akinori Abe. Cognitive Chance Discovery: From Abduction to Affordance and Curation

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 17Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Jinlong Yang, Alexander Klippel. Cognitive Evaluation of Spatial Formalisms: Intuitive Granularities of Overlap Relations
18 -- 35Pravin Kumar Subbaraj, Kavitha Anandan, Geethanjali Balasubramanian, Mahesh Veezhinathan. Analysis Of Cognitive Load For Bilingual Subjects: Based On Lexile Measures
36 -- 50Yingxu Wang. Unveiling the Cognitive Mechanisms of Eyes: The Visual Sensor Vs. the Perceptive Browser of the Brain
51 -- 66Zheng Xu, Fenglin Zhi, Chen Liang, Lin Mei, Xiangfeng Luo. Generating Semantic Annotation of Video for Organizing and Searching Traffic Resources
67 -- 78Sahib Jan, Angela Schwering, Jia Wang, Malumbo Chipofya. Ordering: A Reliable Qualitative Information for the Alignment of Sketch and Metric Maps