Journal: Int. J. Cooperative Inf. Syst.

Volume 27, Issue 4

1850008 -- 0ChunLin Li, Jing Zhang, Yi Chen. Media Cloud Service Scheduling Optimization for Resource-Intensive Mobile Application
1850009 -- 0Kushal Anjaria, Arun Mishra. Information Processing and Security Analysis of Shared System Resource Based Architectures
1850010 -- 0Agnes Nakakawa, Patrick van Bommel, Erik H. A. Proper, Hans B. F. Mulder. A Situational Method for Creating Shared Understanding on Requirements for an Enterprise Architecture

Volume 27, Issue 3

1850005 -- 0Hafiz Salman Asif, Tanay Talukdar, Jaideep Vaidya, Basit Shafiq, Nabil R. Adam. Differentially Private Outlier Detection in a Collaborative Environment
1850006 -- 0Zhaowei Hu, Jing Yang, Jianpei Zhang. Personalized Trajectory Privacy Protection Method Based on User-Requirement
1850007 -- 0Amani Abu Jabal, Elisa Bertino. A Comprehensive Query Language for Provenance Information

Volume 27, Issue 2

1850001 -- 0C├ęcile Paris, Surya Nepal, Amanda Dennett. A Government-Run Online Community to Support Recipients of Welfare Payments
1850002 -- 0Sung-Hyun Sim, Hyerim Bae, Yulim Choi, Ling Liu. Statistical Verification of Process Model Conformance to Execution Log Considering Model Abstraction
1850003 -- 0Deepika Prakash, N. Parimala. Measuring Understandability of Organizational Policies: A Metric Based Approach
1850004 -- 0Jayanthi Sivasubramaniyam, C. Chandrasekar. A Biometric-Secured Neighborhood Vector Relational Coefficient Framework for Social Network Communication

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 28Xiaohu Yan, Fazhi He, Neng Hou, Haojun Ai. An Efficient Particle Swarm Optimization for Large-Scale Hardware/Software Co-Design System
1 -- 20Tong Wang 0005, Yongzhe Zhou, Xibo Wang, Yue Cao. A Social-Based DTN Routing in Cooperative Vehicular Sensor Networks
1 -- 2Tun Lu, Mark S. Ackerman, Ning Gu. Guest Editorial
1 -- 22Zhiqiang Zhang, Xiaoyan Wei, Xiaoqin Xie, Haiwei Pan, Yu Miao. An Efficient Optimization Approach for Top-k Queries on Uncertain Data
1 -- 16Shengxiang Gao, Zhengtao Yu 0001, Linbin Shi, Xin Yan, Haixia Song. A Method to Review Expert Recommendation Using Topic Relevance and Expert Relationship
1 -- 21Dongdong An, Jing Liu. An Approach to Modeling and Analyzing Human-Centric Systems and Its Application