Journal: Int. J. Cooperative Inf. Syst.

Volume 5, Issue 4

365 -- 366Michael N. Huhns, Munindar P. Singh. Formal Methods in CIS: Heterogeneous Databases - Guest Editors Introduction
367 -- 394J.-L. Lee, Stuart E. Madnick, Michael Siegel. Conceptualizing Semantic Interoperability: A Perspective From the Knowledge Level
395 -- 429Chiang Lee, Ming-Chuan Wu. A Hyperrelational Approach to Integration and Manipulation of Data in Multidatabase Systems
431 -- 468Daniela Florescu, Louiqa Raschid, Patrick Valduriez. A Methodology for Query Reformulation in CIS Using Semantic Knowledge
469 -- 500Susan J. Even, Frans J. Faase, Rolf A. de By. Language Features for Cooperation in an Object-Oriented Database Environment

Volume 5, Issue 2&3

101 -- 104Nicholas R. Jennings. Special Issue on Tackling Complex Applications Using Multi-Agent Systems
105 -- 130Nicholas R. Jennings, Peyman Faratin, M. J. Johnson, Timothy J. Norman, P. O Brien, M. E. Wiegand. Agent-Based Business Process Management
131 -- 152Weiming Shen, Jean-Paul A. Barth├Ęs. An Experimental Multi-Agent Environment For Engineering Design
153 -- 180Sivaram Balasubramanian, Francisco P. Maturana, Douglas H. Norrie. Multi-Agent Planning and Coordination for Distributed Concurrent Engineering
181 -- 212Katia P. Sycara, Dajun Zeng. Coordination of Multiple Intelligent Software Agents
213 -- 250Dario Maio, Stefano Rizzi. A Multi-Agent Approach to Environment Exploration
251 -- 274Daniel Kuokka, Larry Harada. Issues and Extensions for Information Matchmaking Protocols
275 -- 314Mihai Barbuceanu, Mark S. Fox. Capturing and Modeling Coordination Knowledge for Multi-Agent Systems
315 -- 331Love Ekenberg, Mats Danielson, Magnus Boman. From Local Assessments to Global Rationality
333 -- 0Shekhar Pradhan, Jack Minker. Using Priorities to Combine Knowledge Bases

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 26Brahim Chaib-draa. Interaction Between Agents in Routine, Familiar and Unfamiliar Situation
27 -- 72R. Clark, Clifford Grossner, Thiruvengadam Radhakrishnan. Consensus and Compromise: Planning in Cooperating Agents
73 -- 0Arie Segev, Abhirup Chatterjee. A Framework for Object Matching in Federated Databases and Its Implementation