Journal: IJCrC

Volume 1, Issue 2/3/4

133 -- 153Andrew Hugill, Hongji Yang. PRASCAL: a pataphysical programming language
154 -- 173Bret Battey. Creative computing and the generative artist
174 -- 198Jerry Fishenden. 'London streets' app prototyping and the user experience
199 -- 230Emmanuel Tsekleves, Ricky Constantinides, John Cosmas. Creative tools for producing realistic 3D facial expressions and animation
231 -- 273Jonathan P. Bowen, Alice M. Bowen, Karl Harrison. Creative visualisation in chemistry
274 -- 307Lin Liu. When intelligence meets data: game story generation by compositional creativity
308 -- 329Petra Hanson, David Ko, Andrew Ko, Asad Ali, Sudhesh Kumar, Ian Spero, Thomas M. Barber. Effects of computer-generated music on human physiological, metabolic and endocrine responses

Volume 1, Issue 1

4 -- 19Andrew Hugill, Hongji Yang. The creative turn: new challenges for computing
20 -- 34James Hendler, Andrew Hugill. The syzygy surfer: (Ab)using the semantic web to inspire creativity
35 -- 56Konstantinos Zachos, Neil A. M. Maiden, Kristine Pitts, Sara Jones, Ian Turner, Malcolm Rose, Kevin Pudney, Julie MacManus. Digital creativity in dementia care support
57 -- 91Wenjun Wu 0001, Wei-Tek Tsai, Wei Li. Creative software crowdsourcing: from components and algorithm development to project concept formations
92 -- 119John Oyekan, Bowen Lu, Huosheng Hu. A creative computing approach to 3D robotic simulator for water pollution monitoring
120 -- 132Ernest Edmonds, Francesca Franco. From Communications Game to Cities Tango