Journal: IJEH

Volume 10, Issue 4

231 -- 248Guruprasad Gadgil, Gayle Prybutok, Victor Prybutok. The transformative influence of social media: an exploratory case study of empowerment in repressive society
249 -- 274Mozhgan Tanhapour, Ali-Asghar Safaei. Specification of a social network-based PHR
275 -- 286Anita E. Igberaese, Gleb V. Tcheslavski. EEG power spectrum as a biomarker of autism: a pilot study
287 -- 298Fatemeh Esmaeilzadeh, Taha Samad-Soltani, Mohammad Barzegar, Peyman Rezaei-Hachesu. Design and evaluation of a paediatric neurology data management system in hospitals of Iran
299 -- 312Tamuchin McCreless. Anchoring and adjustment as a moderator on the impact of computerised order entry on clinical efficiency
313 -- 329Duangpun Kritchanchai, Sophon Muangchoo, W. K. Albert Tan. Improving the efficiency of healthcare supply chain in Thailand