Journal: IJEH

Volume 12, Issue 4

299 -- 317Seungil Yum. Social media use by governments for COVID-19
318 -- 337Faisal L. F. H. Almutairi, Ibtisam L. F. H. Almutairi, Bodoor F. G. Alazemi. The use of mobile application (Shlonik) to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kuwait
338 -- 363Marta Costa, Rui Gonçalves, Renato Lopes da Costa, Leandro Ferreira Pereira, Álvaro Dias 0001. Health public crisis impact on non-life insurance: the case of COVID-19
364 -- 380Surma Mukhopadhyay, Ramsankar Basak, Timothy Jay Carney, Darrell Carpenter. Barriers to accessing online medical records: an analysis by priority condition status
381 -- 406German Shein, Assim Sagahyroon, Saravanan Coumaravelou. Applications of sensor technology and mobile health in mental health research

Volume 12, Issue 3

191 -- 202Anna Janssen, Tim Shaw. The attitudes of medical practitioners towards the actionability of performance data
203 -- 220M. Ganesan, N. Sivakumar, M. Thirumaran, T. Vengattaraman. Internet of medical things and cloud enabled brain tumour diagnosis model using deep learning with kernel extreme learning machine
221 -- 251Mohamed Sarrab, Fatma Alshohoumi, Abdullah AlHamadani. Privacy policies of IoT-based healthcare: an empirical analysis study of the data collection practices of existing IoT medical applications
252 -- 278Upasana Talukdar. Healthcare analytics in big data: current trends and prospects
279 -- 298Ayeyi Victoria Sumbabu Gyebo, Amiruddin Ahamat, Siti Norbaya Yahaya. A review on information communication technology adoption in the Nigerian healthcare sector

Volume 12, Issue 2

97 -- 125Thiago Roberto Lima Lopes, Igor Fontana De Nardin, Cristiano André da Costa, Rodrigo Da Rosa Righi. A new transparent cloud-based model for sharing medical images with data compression and proactive resource elasticity
126 -- 138Sandra Agudelo-Londoño, Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou, Margunn Aanestad. MiPrescription as the information infrastructure backbone in the Colombian healthcare system
139 -- 150Hemang Shrivastava, Manoj Ramaiya, Hare Ram Sah, Jayesh Gangrade. Network analysis of infant brain functional connectivity using spectral EEG
151 -- 169Renato Lopes da Costa, Leandro Ferreira Pereira, Rui Gonçalves, Álvaro Lopes Dias, Carlos Hernandez Jerónimo, Natália Teixeira. Healthcare management and leadership roles
170 -- 190Karim Zarour, Oussama Abdelilleh Bounab, Yassmine Marir, Insaf Boumezbeur. Blockchain-based architecture centred patient for decentralised storage and secure sharing health data

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 21K. Sathyabama, K. Saruladha. An effective learning rate scheduler for stochastic gradient descent-based deep learning model in healthcare diagnosis system
22 -- 40Renato Lopes da Costa, Leandro Ferreira Pereira, Álvaro Lopes Dias, Rui Gonçalves, Carlos Hernandez Jerónimo. Balanced scorecard adoption in healthcare
41 -- 53Sorayya Rezayi, Marjan Ghazisaeedi, Shahrzad Amirazodi, Soheila Saeedi. Basic information requirements for designing COVID-19 disease registration system
54 -- 96Olayemi Olawumi, Sunday Adewale Olaleye, Frank Adusei-Mensah, Adedayo Olawuni, Richard Osei Agjei. Adoption and implementation of electronic healthcare management system - a bibliometric approach