Journal: IJEH

Volume 5, Issue 4

327 -- 339Stamatia Ilioudi, Athina Lazakidou, Maria Tsironi. Information and communication technologies for better patient self-management and self-efficacy
340 -- 354Anastasia N. Kastania, George Loudos, Nicholas P. Sgouros, Ioannis Constantinou, Maria Vavatsioula, Harisios Boudoulas, Sophia Kossida. e-Herophilus: 24-hour personalised telecardiology services
355 -- 370Pantelis A. Angelidis. Personalised physical exercise regime for chronic patients through a wearable ICT platform
371 -- 385Alba Cabarcos, Tamara Sanchez, Jose A. Seoane, Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, Ana Freire, Julian Dorado, Alejandro Pazos. Retrieval and management of medical information from heterogeneous sources, for its integration in a medical record visualisation tool
386 -- 402Ioannis N. Kouris, Stavroula G. Mougiakakou, Luca Scarnato, Dimitra Iliopoulou, Peter Diem, Andriani Vazeou, Dimitris Koutsouris. Mobile phone technologies and advanced data analysis towards the enhancement of diabetes self-management
425 -- 436Alexios-Patapios Kontis, Konstantinos Siassiakos, Georgios Kaimakamis, Athina Lazakidou. E-commerce application study and complementary services in the sector of laboratory diagnostics based on consumers opinion

Volume 5, Issue 3

211 -- 230V. Mahesh, A. Kandaswamy, C. Vimal, B. Sathish. Cardiac disease classification using heart rate signals
231 -- 244Tatsuya Nomura, Yoshito Hirayama, Hiroki Iwashima, Shinichi Sakaguchi. A survey of consumers attitudes towards online purchase of contact lenses in Japan
245 -- 272Alan D. Smith, Darlene Motley. Operational and customer relationship management considerations of electronic prescribing among pharmacists
273 -- 283Emmanuel Adetiba, M. Eleanya, S. A. Fatumo, Victor O. Matthews, O. J. Iruemi. National Hospital Management Portal (NHMP): a framework for e-health implementation
284 -- 302Alan D. Smith. Corporate social responsibility in the healthcare insurance industry: a cause-branding approach
303 -- 325Muhammad A. Razi, Kuriakose Athappilly, Alan Rea. The Community Health Information System (CHIS): delivering web-based customised healthcare using an AI-infused expert system

Volume 5, Issue 2

99 -- 101Chang-tseh Hsieh. Editorial: Supporting healthcare reform with augmented electronic medical records system
102 -- 136Mark Gaynor, Dan Myung, Amar Gupta, Steve Moulton. A standardised pre-hospital electronic patient care system
137 -- 163Alan D. Smith, Amber A. Smith. Gender preferences among electronic healthcare options: choices concerning neonatal care among professionals
164 -- 176John F. Kros, Christopher M. Keller. FDA drug approval intervals from 1997 to 2006: analysis and comparison during information technology implementation
177 -- 192Esko Alasaarela. Finnish perspectives of wireless in healthcare
193 -- 210Christopher A. Bain, Craig Standing. A technology ecosystem perspective on hospital management information systems: lessons from the health literature

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 13Juha Puustjärvi, Leena Puustjärvi. The role of medicinal ontologies in querying and exchanging pharmaceutical information
14 -- 32Reda M. Lebcir, Jyoti Choudrie, Rifat A. Atun, Richard J. Coker. Using a decision support systems computer simulation model to examine HIV and tuberculosis: the Russian Federation
33 -- 47Colla J. MacDonald, Emma J. Stodel, Terrie Lynn Thompson, Lynn Casimiro. W(e)Learn: a framework for online interprofessional education
48 -- 67Robert Null, June Wei. Value increasing business model for e-hospital
68 -- 86Assim Sagahyroon, Hazem Raddy, Ali Ghazy, Umair Suleman. Design and implementation of a wearable healthcare monitoring system
87 -- 98Sanjay Mohapatra. Better healthcare at reduced cost through electronic integration of patient care data