Journal: IJEH

Volume 8, Issue 2/3/4

95 -- 120Punit Ahluwalia, Gregory Gimpel, Upkar Varshney. ICT interventions impacting big societal challenges: an electronic healthcare approach to homelessness
121 -- 141Shalini Bhartiya, Deepti Mehrotra. An access control framework for secured sharing of electronic health records using hierarchy similarity analyser
142 -- 162Rohini R. Rao, Krishnamoorthi Makkithaya, Veena G. Kamath, Reena Cordeiro. A minimal e-referral for meaningful share of maternal health information in public health scenarios
163 -- 184Abed Al Raoof K. Bsoul. A novel ECG segmentation for compression using Fourier series approximation in e-health devices
185 -- 201Mohammad I. Merhi. A process model leading to successful implementation of electronic health record systems
202 -- 219Gayle Prybutok. An analysis of randomised controlled trials that utilise internet based smoking reduction/cessation programs

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 8Clare F. Taylor, Daniel H. Williams. An acute knee injury: tracking a two-year recovery online
9 -- 24Basant Tiwari, Abhay Kumar. Role-based access control through on-demand classification of electronic health record
25 -- 50Shalini Bhartiya, Deepti Mehrotra. Applying CHAID algorithm to investigate critical attributes of secured interoperable health data exchange
51 -- 75Qurban A. Memon, Asma Fayes Mustafa. Exploring mobile health in a private online social network
76 -- 94Vijay V. Raghavan, Ravi Chinta, Nikita Zhirkin. Macro influencers of electronic health records adoption