Journal: IJEIS

Volume 2, Issue 4

1 -- 17Louis Raymond, Suzanne Rivard, Danie Jutras. Evaluating Readiness for ERP Adoption in Manufacturing SMEs
18 -- 37M. Sakthivel, S. R. Devadasan, S. Ragu Raman, S. Sriram. Design and Development of a Quality Management Information System
38 -- 57Fasihul M. Alam, Ken R. McNaught, Trevor J. Ringrose. An Artificial Neural Network Based Metamodel for Analysing a Stochastic Combat Simulation
58 -- 76S. A. Alwabel, M. Zairi, A. Gunasekaran. The Evolution of ERP and Its Relationship with E-Business
77 -- 88Purnendu Mandal. Behavioral Factors and Information Technology Infrastructure Considerations in Strategic Alliance Development

Volume 2, Issue 3

1 -- 9Timothy P. Shea, Ahern Brown, D. Steven White, Catherine Curran-Kelly, Michael P. Griffin. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Metrics: What s the Holdup?
10 -- 23Tamara Babaian, Wendy T. Lucas, Heikki Topi. Improving ERP Usability Through User-System Collaboration
24 -- 42Ivan K. W. Lai. The Critical Success Factors Across ERP Implementation Models: An Empirical Study in China
43 -- 58Tony Elliman, Tally Hatzakis, Alan Serrano. Business Process Simulation: An Alternative Modeling Technique for the Information System Development Process
59 -- 82Alan D. Smith. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Values Associated With File Sharing

Volume 2, Issue 2

1 -- 12Cezary Orlowski, Zdzislaw Kowalczuk. Project Management in Enterprise: IT Implementation Based on Fuzzy Models
13 -- 27Andrzej Bargiela, Iisakki Kosonen, Matti Pursula, Evtim Peytchev. Granular Analysis of Traffic Data for Turning Movements Estimation
28 -- 44Ratan K. Guha, Sudipta Rakshit. Selfish Users and Fair Sharing of Bandwidth in Distributed Medium Access
45 -- 62Cesar SanĂ­n, Edward Szczerbicki. Using Set of Experience in the Process of Transforming Information into Knowledge
63 -- 77Janet Aisbett, Shuxin Zhao, Greg Gibbon, Christopher N. G. Dampney. Maintaining Meaning of Information when it is Shared amongst Information Systems

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 16Quangang Yang, Carl Allen Reidsema. Intelligent Design Advisor: A Knowledge-Based Information System Approach for Product Development and Design
17 -- 29Yin-Ho Yao, Gilbert Y. P. Lin, Amy J. C. Trappey. Using Knowledge-Based Intelligent Reasoning to Support Dynamic Equipment Diagnosis and Maintenance
30 -- 53Michael Syrjakow, Elisabeth Syrjakow, Helena Szczerbicka. Tool Support for Performance Modeling and Optimization
54 -- 66Leszek Borzemski. Testing, Measuring, and Diagnosing Web Sites from the Users Perspective
67 -- 78Edward Szczerbicki, Maciej Waszczyk. Modelling of Complex Economic Systems: Toward Conceptual Platform