Journal: IJEIS

Volume 3, Issue 4

1 -- 21Vicky Arnold, Steve G. Sutton. The Impact of Enterprise Systems on Business and Audit Practice and the Implications for University Accounting education
22 -- 32Vamsi Salaka, Chen-Yang Cheng, Vittal Prabhu. Rollout Plan for Training and Education in Enterprise Information Systems
33 -- 50Joseph Bradley, C. Christopher Lee. ERP Training and User Satisfaction: A Case Study
51 -- 68Mohan P. Rao, Purnendu Mandal. Information Technology in Maquiladoras: An Exploratory Study of Usage and Perceptions
69 -- 83Shuchih Ernest Chang. An Adaptive and Voice-Enabled Pervasive Web System

Volume 3, Issue 3

1 -- 22Manuel Kolp, St├ęphane Faulkner. Patterns for Organizational Modeling
23 -- 35Ronald E. McGaughey, Angappa Gunasekaran. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Past, Present and Future
36 -- 51Ioannis Ignatiadis, Joe Nandhakumar. The Impact of Enterprise Systems on Organizational Control and Drift: A Human-Machine Agency Perspective
52 -- 65S. Parthasarathy, N. Anbazhagan. Evaluating ERP Implementation Choices Using AHP
66 -- 80Hafid Agourram, Bill Robson, Amine Nehari-Talet. Defining Information System Success in France

Volume 3, Issue 2

1 -- 22Vipul Jain, S. Wadhwa, S. G. Deshmukh. A Negotiation-to-Coordinate (N2C) Mechanism for Modeling Buyer-Supplier Relationship in Dynamic Environment
23 -- 33March L. To, Eric W. T. Ngai. The Role of Managerial Attitudes in the Adoption of Technological Innovations: An Application to B2C E-Commerce
34 -- 49Emad M. Kamhawi. Critical Factors for Implementation Success of ERP Systems: An Empirical Investigation from Bahrain
50 -- 67Piotr Soja, Dariusz Put. Learning from Model ERP Projects
68 -- 89Kevin Laframboise, Felipe Reyes. The Digitization of an Aerospace Supply Network

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 21Lea Kutvonen, Toni Ruokolainen, Janne Metso. Interoperability Middleware for Federated Business Services in Web-Pilarcos
22 -- 41John Krogstie, Csaba Veres, Guttorm Sindre. Integrating Semantic Web Technology, Web Services, and Workflow Modeling: Achieving System and Business Interoperability
42 -- 60Maria-Eugenia Iacob, Henk Jonkers. Quantitative Analysis of Service-Oriented Architectures
61 -- 84Diego Milano, Monica Scannapieco, Tiziana Catarci. Measuring and Diffusing Data Quality in a Peer-to-Peer Architecture