Journal: IJEIS

Volume 9, Issue 4

1 -- 11Hany Abdelghaffar, Nada Hassan. Evaluating the Influence of E-SCM on Business Integrity in SMEs
12 -- 27Maryam Radgu, Rajaa Saidi, Salma Mouline. Design for Reuse in Business Process: Method and Experiments
28 -- 42Djalila Boughareb, Nadir Farah. Identify the User's Information Need Using the Current Search Context
43 -- 62Kouroush Jenab, K. Rashidi, S. Moslehpour. An Intelligence-Based Model for Condition Monitoring Using Artificial Neural Networks
63 -- 84Rachid Dehbi, Mohamed Talea, Abderrahim Tragha. MDA-Based Transformation of LMS Business Components: The Contribution of XML Technologies and Model Transformations
85 -- 98Chia-Wen Tsai, Pei-Di Shen, Yi-Chun Chiang. The Application of Mobile Technology in E-Learning and Online Education Environments: A Review of Publications in SSCI-Indexed Journals from 2003 to 2012
99 -- 102Jagdish Pathak. Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL): Potential of Research in XBRL as a Social Artifact- An Essay

Volume 9, Issue 3

1 -- 21Hamed Salim Al-Hinai, Helen M. Edwards, Lynne P. Humphries. The Changing Importance of Critical Success Factors During ERP Implementation: An Empirical Study from Oman
22 -- 38Hamed Jafarazdeh, Aybüke Aurum, John D'Ambra, Babak Abedin. Determinant of Intention to Use Search Engine Advertising: A Conceptual Model
39 -- 76Muhammad Aamir Obaid Khattak, Yuanguan She, Zahid A. Memon, Nausheen Syed, Shariq Hussain, Muhammad Irfan. Investigating Critical Success Factors Affecting ERP Implementation in Chinese and Pakistani Enterprises
77 -- 99Miguel Maldonado, Vicenta Sierra. User Satisfaction as the Foundation of the Success Following an ERP Adoption: An Empirical Study from Latin America
100 -- 112Pei-Di Shen, Chia-Wen Tsai. Improving Undergraduates' Experience of Online Learning and Involvement: An Innovative Online Pedagogy
113 -- 129Umit Isikdag, Jason Underwood, Murat Kuruoglu, Utku Acikalin. Data Integration Capability Evaluation of ERP Systems: A Construction Industry Perspective

Volume 9, Issue 2

1 -- 19Femi Adisa, Jeremy Rose. The Mediating Role of Absorptive Capacity in Knowledge Transfer: ERP Implementations in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Sub-Sahara Africa
20 -- 43Ali Moeini, Alireza Farmahini Farahani, Ahad Zare Ravasan. The Consistency of Virtual Organizations Enabling Capabilities and Improvements in Knowledge Management Performance
44 -- 69Mirian Picinini Méxas, Osvaldo Luis Gonçalves Quelhas, Helder Gomes Costa, Valdir de Jesus Lameira. A Set of Criteria for Selection of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
70 -- 82Tripti Negi, Veena Bansal. A Methodology to Bridge Information Gap in ERP Implementation Life Cycle
83 -- 105Celeste See Pui Ng. Exploring Relationships in Tailoring Option, Task Category, and Effort in ERP Software Maintenance
106 -- 124Shereen Mekawie, Ahmed Elragal. ERP and SCM Integration: The Impact on Measuring Business Performance

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 30Per Svejvig. Using Institutional Theory in Enterprise Systems Research: Developing a Conceptual Model from a Literature Review
31 -- 48Long Pham, Nhi Y. Cao, Thanh D. Nguyen, Phong T. Tran. Structural Models for E-Banking Adoption in Vietnam
49 -- 61Kouroush Jenab, Ahmad R. Sarfaraz. Selecting Cell Phone Service Using Hybrid Decision Making Methodology
62 -- 75Pi-Fang Hsu, Kuo-Yu Lan, Chia-Wen Tsai. Selecting the Optimal Vendor of Customer Relationship Management System for Medical Tourism Industry Using Delphi and AHP
76 -- 96Mandana Farzaneh, Iman Raeesi Vanani, Babak Sohrabi. A Survey Study of Influential Factors in the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
97 -- 117Ranjan B. Kini, Savitri Basaviah. Critical Success Factors in the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Small and Midsize Businesses: Microsoft Navision Implementation