Journal: IJICS

Volume 20, Issue 3/4

221 -- 247Djalila Belkebir. DIP-QGA: a secure and robust watermarking technique based on direct image projection and quantum genetic algorithm
248 -- 268Veer Sain Dixit, Akanksha Bansal Chopra. Push and nuke attacks detection using DNN-HHO algorithm
269 -- 294A. Saravanan, S. Sathya Bama. CloudSec (3FA): a multifactor with dynamic click colour-based dynamic authentication for securing cloud environment
295 -- 314Bikash Baruah, Manash Pratim Dutta, Dhruba K. Bhattacharyya. An effective ensemble method for missing data imputation
315 -- 348Nayana Hegde, Sunilkumar S. Manvi. Distributed integrity and non-repudiation scheme in the dynamic vehicular cloud environment
348 -- 365Jagdish Chandra Pandey, Mala Kalra. An approach for secure data transmission in smart grids
366 -- 398K. Suresh, Rajarshi Pal, S. R. Balasundaram 0001. A stable cryptographic key generation from fingerprint biometrics using Gray code for secure data storage
399 -- 413Vikas Tiwari, Ajeet Singh, Appala Naidu Tentu, Ashutosh Saxena. Generation of 8 × 8 S-boxes using 4 × 4 optimal S-boxes
414 -- 438Shalini Subramani, M. Selvi. Comprehensive review on distributed denial of service attacks in wireless sensor networks
439 -- 461Shalini Subramani, M. Selvi. Intrusion detection system using RBPSO and fuzzy neuro-genetic classification algorithms in wireless sensor networks