Journal: IJICS

Volume 13, Issue 3/4

249 -- 267Yoones A. Sekhavat. CFM: collusion-free model of privacy preserving frequent itemset mining
268 -- 288Mohamed Elhoseny, Hosny A. Abbas. Towards automated SCADA forensic investigation: challenges, opportunities and promising paradigms
289 -- 308Guizhen Mai, Shuiguo Peng, YingHan Hong, Pinghua Chen. Fast causal division for supporting robust causal discovery
309 -- 321Mircho Mirchev, Seferin Mirtchev. System for DDoS attack mitigation by discovering the attack vectors through statistical traffic analysis
322 -- 336Dharavath Ramesh, Rashmi Priya, Damodar Reddy Edla. HHDSSC: harnessing healthcare data security in cloud using ciphertext policy attribute-based encryption
337 -- 356Alka Gupta, Lalit Sen Sharma. Snort
357 -- 371V. Biksham, D. Vasumathi 0001. A lightweight fully homomorphic encryption scheme for cloud security
372 -- 395Indu Singh, Nikhil Arora, Shivam Arora, Parteek Singhal. Fuzzy ARM and cluster analysis for database intrusion detection and prevention
396 -- 410Sonika Shrivastava, R. K. Pateriya. Data encoding and cost optimised distribution for efficient and secure storage in cloud federation
411 -- 427Pranjal S. Bogawar, Kishor K. Bhoyar. Comparative study of classification approaches for e-mail analysis
428 -- 443Lamia Hamza. Intruder model for generating attack scenarios in computer systems

Volume 13, Issue 2

141 -- 165Lija Mohan, M. Sudheep Elayidom. Secure and privacy-preserving multi-keyword ranked information retrieval from encrypted big data
166 -- 186Jian-Feng Zhao, Shu-Ying Wang, Li-Tao Zhang, Xian-Feng Li. Image encryption scheme based on a novel fractional order compound chaotic attractor
187 -- 209Wisam Elmasry, Akhan Akbulut, Abdul Halim Zaim. Comparative evaluation of different classification techniques for masquerade attack detection
210 -- 226Ahmad Salah Al-Ahmad, Syed Ahmad Aljunid, Normaly Kamal Ismail. Mobile cloud computing applications penetration testing model design
227 -- 248Saeed Ullah Jan, Fawad Qayum. An authentication scheme for distributed computing environment

Volume 13, Issue 1

3 -- 17R. Vinothkanna, S. Sivakannan, N. Prabakaran. A novel GAAC optimisation algorithm for multimodal fusion score decision making in secured biometric systems
18 -- 31A. Rajagopal, K. Karibasappa, K. S. Vasundara Patel. Study of LDPC decoders with quadratic residue sequence for communication system
32 -- 47G. Usha, S. Kannimuthu, P. D. Mahendiran, Anusha Kadambari Shanker, Deepti Venugopal. Static analysis method for detecting cross site scripting vulnerabilities
48 -- 72Handenahalli Channareddy Kantharaju, K. N. Narasimha Murthy. An energy efficient authentication scheme based on hierarchical IBDS and EIBDS in grid-based wireless sensor networks
73 -- 96Natasha Saini, Nitin Pandey, Ajeet Pal Singh. Developing malevolent node-based protection system against jamming attack in agent assisted CRN
97 -- 117Suleiman Salihu Jauro, Raghav Yadav. An efficient interior and exterior boundary detection-based two level iris segmentation
118 -- 140Amal Hafsa, Anissa Sghaier, Zeghid Medien, Jihene Malek, Mohsen Machhout. An improved co-designed AES-ECC cryptosystem for secure data transmission