Journal: IJICS

Volume 16, Issue 3/4

207 -- 225Syed Amma Sheik, M. Amutha Prabakar. An efficient and provably secure authentication scheme based on elliptic curve signature using a smart card
226 -- 238Rahul Saha, Gulshan Kumar, Mritunjay Kumar Rai, Hye-Jin Kim 0003. Adaptive classifier-based intrusion detection system using logistic regression and Euclidean distance on network probe vectors in resource constrained networks
239 -- 254Saravanan Paramasivam, Shanthi Rekha Shanmugham. Time-shared AES-128 implementation with extremely low-cost for smart card applications
255 -- 271Xiaoqian Liu, Qianmu Li, Tao Li, Ming Wu. Privacy preserving techniques for decision trees
272 -- 291Geeta Sharma, Sheetal Kalra. A robust multi-factor remote user authentication scheme for cloud-IoT services
292 -- 306Fatemeh Rezaeibagha, Yi Mu 0001, Ke Huang, Leyou Zhang. Enhanced bitcoin with two-factor authentication
307 -- 323Sreeja Cherillath Sukumaran, Mohammed Misbahuddin. Secure key exchange scheme: a DNA computing-based approach to resist MITM in DHKE
324 -- 354Gaurav Pareek, B. R. Purushothama. Blockchain-based decentralised access control scheme for dynamic hierarchies
355 -- 374Zyad Elkhadir, Mohammed Benattou. p-LDA approach for intrusion detection system
375 -- 384Zhengjun Cao, Xiqi Wang, Lihua Liu. One privacy-preserving multi-keyword ranked search scheme revisited
385 -- 398Suliman A. Alsuhibany, Fatimah N. Almohaimeed, Naseem A. Alrobah. Synthetic Arabic handwritten CAPTCHA
399 -- 419Chien-Ming Wang, Chih-Hung Wang. A highly secure three-party authentication key exchange protocol and its application in e-business communication with ECK model

Volume 16, Issue 1/2

1 -- 19Lakshmi H. R., Surekha Borra. Digital video watermarking tools: an overview
20 -- 32Akram Boukhamla, Javier Coronel Gaviro. CICIDS2017 dataset: performance improvements and validation as a robust intrusion detection system testbed
33 -- 50Urvashi Garg, Geeta Sikka, Lalit Kumar Awasthi. Empirical risk assessment of attack graphs using time to compromise framework
51 -- 62Izzat Alsmadi, Ahmed AlEroud, Ahmad A. Saifan. Fault-based testing for discovering SQL injection vulnerabilities in web applications
63 -- 83Xueping Liang, Sachin Shetty, Deepak K. Tosh, Peter Foytik, Lingchen Zhang. Leveraging Intel SGX to enable trusted and privacy preserving membership service in distributed ledgers
84 -- 102Yuchen Cao, Yongbin Zhou, Hailong Zhang 0001. Multi-channel time-frequency fusion attacks
103 -- 119Geng Wang. Time-based key management in attribute-based encryption using piecewise key generation
120 -- 136Chetna Singhal, A. Rajesh. Heuristic trust-based neighbour centric routing for CPS-enabled wireless sensor and ad hoc network
137 -- 149Emmanuel C. Ogu, Olusegun A. Ojesanmi, Oludele Awodele, Shade O. Kuyoro. Supporting features for flow-level packet analysis towards cyber threat detection: a pilot study
150 -- 169Zhanwei Cui, Jianping Zeng, Chengrong Wu. A layer-crossing multi-factor and dynamic security model over a moving target defence
170 -- 191Xiao Luo, Chengchao Yao, A. Nur Zincir-Heywood. Modelling and visualising SSH brute force attack behaviours through a hybrid learning framework
192 -- 206Adarsh Anand, Navneet Bhatt, Omar Hussain Alhazmi. Vulnerability discovery modelling: a general framework