Journal: IJICS

Volume 6, Issue 4

311 -- 321Yong Ho Kang, Kimoon Keum, Changbok Jang, Joo Man Kim. Study of mobile virtualisation-based security technology for smartwork environment
322 -- 332Man Ki Kim, You-Sik Hong. Development AI traffic-safety system using RFID technique and USN theory
333 -- 343Hyunjun Choi. Image encryption method for depth + texture video contents
344 -- 353Kyujin Lee. An iterative layered interference canceller scheme for OFDM in wireless mesh security networks
354 -- 371Limin Shen, Futai Zhang, Yinxia Sun, Sujuan Li. Cryptanalysis and improvement on a certificateless encryption scheme in the standard model
372 -- 382Prakash Kuppuswamy, Saeed Q. Y. Al-Khalidi. Hybrid encryption/decryption technique using new public key and symmetric key algorithm
383 -- 407Andrew Mangle, Sandip C. Patel. Issues in user authentication using security questions

Volume 6, Issue 3

199 -- 240P. Vinod, Vijay Laxmi, Manoj Singh Gaur, Grijesh Chauhan. Detecting malicious files using non-signature-based methods
241 -- 269Mohamed Amine Ferrag, Mehdi Nafa, Salim Ghanemi. SDPP: an intelligent secure detection scheme with strong privacy-preserving for mobile peer-to-peer social network
270 -- 285Hassan Rasheed. Vulnerability distribution scoring for software product security assessment
286 -- 305Muthulakshmi Angamuthu, Anitha Ramalingam. Identity-based broadcast encryption for multi-privileged groups using Chinese remainder theorem

Volume 6, Issue 2

109 -- 132Syed Taqi Ali, B. B. Amberker. Attribute-based group signature without random oracles with attribute anonymity
133 -- 142Anant M. Bagade, Sanjay N. Talbar. Secure transmission of morphed stego keys over internet using IP steganography
143 -- 178Oluwasefunmi 'Tale Arogundade, Zhi Jin, Xiaoguang Yang. Towards ontological approach to eliciting risk-based security requirements
179 -- 197Ismahani Ismail, Muhammad Nadzir Marsono, Sulaiman Mohd Nor. Malware detection using augmented naive Bayes with domain knowledge and under presence of class noise

Volume 6, Issue 1

1 -- 11R. Sakthivel, M. Vanitha, Harish M. Kittur. Low power high throughput reconfigurable stream cipher hardware VLSI architectures
12 -- 50Suvrojit Das, Debayan Chatterjee, Debidas Ghosh, Narayan C. Debnath. Extracting the system call identifier from within VFS: a kernel stack parsing-based approach
51 -- 62P. M. Siva Raja, E. Baburaj. Genetic algorithms based data hiding scheme for digital images with LSBMR
63 -- 92Ahmed AlEroud, George Karabatis, Prayank Sharma, Peng He. Context and semantics for detection of cyber attacks
93 -- 107Achilleas Tsitroulis, Dimitris Lampoudis, Emmanuel Tsekleves. Exposing WPA2 security protocol vulnerabilities