Journal: IJICS

Volume 7, Issue 2/3/4

91 -- 112Rakesh Kumar, Geetu Mahajan. A novel framework for secure file transmission using modified AES and MD5 algorithms
113 -- 139Raphaƫl Khoury, Nadia Tawbi. Equivalence-preserving corrective enforcement of security properties
140 -- 159Peng Wang, Chinya V. Ravishankar. Hierarchical policy delegation in multiple-authority ABE
160 -- 176William R. Mahoney. Modifications to GCC for increased software privacy
177 -- 195M. Thangavel, P. Varalakshmi, Mukund Murrali, K. Nithya. Secure file storage and retrieval in cloud
196 -- 215Ratnakirti Roy, Shabnam Samima, Suvamoy Changder. A map-based image steganography scheme for RGB images
216 -- 239Georgios Mantas, Natalia Stakhanova, Hugo Gonzalez, Hossein Hadian Jazi, Ali A. Ghorbani. Application-layer denial of service attacks: taxonomy and survey
240 -- 254Jonathan Pan. Data leakage triage: quantitative measure of effectiveness of containment plan

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 13Kevin Curran, Vivian Maynes, Declan Harkin. Mobile device security
14 -- 38Haixia Xu, Bao Li, Qixiang Mei. Complementary witness soundness for witness indistinguishable proof system and CCA2 public-key encryption schemes
39 -- 48Lei Niu, Changqing Zhang, Qi Xia, Yong Yu. Advanced security analysis of a signature scheme with message recovery
49 -- 63Narayanan Prasanth, Kannan Balasubramanian. Performance analysis of buffered crossbar switch scheduling algorithms
64 -- 90Olayemi M. Olaniyi, Oladiran T. Arulogun, Oluwasayo E. Omidiora, Oladotun O. Okediran. Implementing generic security requirements in e-voting using modified stegano-cryptographic approach