Journal: IJISCM

Volume 10, Issue 4

295 -- 310Muhammad Farrukh, Ting He, Imran Ahmad Shahzad, Zhou Hua. Can incivility impede knowledge sharing behaviour?
311 -- 332Muhammad Sohaib, Peng Hui, Umair Akram, Zubair Akram, Muhammad Bilal. How non-economic motivations affect electronic word-of-mouth: evidence from Chinese social media
333 -- 351Chi-Min Wu, Tso-Jen Chen, Tsung-I Pai, Yuan-Duen Lee, Ting-Fei Chen. Learn from failure as a change mechanism for enhancing work performance at hotel workplace: the role of leadership and psychological capital
352 -- 373Xiaobei Liang, Jiang Jiang, Eldon Y. Li. IT-based entrepreneurship in sharing economy: the mediating role of value expectancy in micro-entrepreneur's passion and persistence

Volume 10, Issue 3

209 -- 226Shasha Xie, Jun Fang. Prediction of construction cost index based on multi variable grey neural network model
227 -- 247Syed Jamal Shah, Zhang Li, Adnan Muhammad Shah, Rizwan Ullah. Face ID: an innovative biometric approach to control sales personnel production deviance
248 -- 265Litinthong Kimixay, Cheng Liu. Moderating role of information technology and gender between FFM and firm's performance: empirical evidence from SMEs of Laos
266 -- 292Abdul Hameed Pitafi, Shamsa Kanwal, Sadia Akhtar, Muhammad Irfan. Investigating the employee work performance in task interdependence and ESM environment

Volume 10, Issue 2

101 -- 122Muhammad Sohaib, Peng Hui, Umair Akram. Impact of eWOM and risk-taking in gender on purchase intentions: evidence from Chinese social media
123 -- 139Maomao Chi, Xinyuan Lu, Jing Zhao, Yuanxiang Li. The impacts of digital business strategy on firm performance: the mediation analysis of e-collaboration capability
140 -- 189Imen Ben Said, Mohamed Amine Chaâbane, Eric Andonoff, Rafik Bouaziz. BPMN4VC-modeller: easy-handling of versions of collaborative processes using adaptation patterns
190 -- 206Farid Feyzi, Saeed Parsa, Esmaeel Nikravan. Statistical bug localisation by supervised clustering of program predicates

Volume 10, Issue 1

3 -- 15N. Narayanan Prasanth, R. Chithra Devi, S. P. Raja. High performance scheduler for multicast switches
16 -- 39Nikola Levkov. Dynamic social alignment on operational level and organisational performance
40 -- 54Dalong Zhang, Jian Zhang, Ying Zhang. The influence mechanism of goal content on employees' ethical sensitivity
55 -- 79Tao-ming Cheng, Hsing-Yu Hou, Rung Ching Chen, Dinesh Chandra Agrawal, Ji-Yuan Lin. Competency-based diagnosis for interns-quality assessment approach
80 -- 97Neeraj Parolia, Yuzhu Li, Stella Tomasi. Task complexity and rapport in outsourced system development