Journal: IJISCM

Volume 12, Issue 4

293 -- 318U. Yeliz Eseryel, Deniz Eseryel, Martijn Den Breejen. IT culture elements that influence individual readiness to change in healthcare organisations
319 -- 344Abdulla Nasser Alemadi, Emad A. Abu-Shanab. M-service quality of telecommunication companies in Qatar
345 -- 364Linnéa Carlsson, Monika Hattinger, Anna Karin Olsson, Ulrika Lundh Snis. Desperately seeking industrial digital strategy: a dynamic capability approach
365 -- 389Sally Mohamed Mousa Al-Soni, Emad Ahmed Abu-Shanab. Factors influencing users' satisfaction when using Ehteraz app: the case of Qatar

Volume 12, Issue 3

193 -- 208Saleh Samimi Dehkordi, Naser Khani. Investigating the moderating role of organisational authenticity in relationship between dimensions of change and employees' behavioural pattern
209 -- 233Rahul Kumar 0005, Rahul Thakurta. Exploring artefact reusability in decision support system - a synthesis of extant contributions
234 -- 258Seyed Saeed Mirhosseini, Mohammad H. Ramezani, Moein Khazaei, Adel Azar. Exploring and analysing the risks and challenges of implementing ERP systems: critical system thinking
259 -- 290Jiangping Wan, Chunyan Ling, Mengyan Liu. Research on success factors of internet product project management with grounded theory

Volume 12, Issue 2

95 -- 118Preeti Bhaskar, Muddu Vinay, Amit Joshi. E-government adoption among employees in India: a qualitative approach
119 -- 145Faheem Gul Gilal, Amjad Ali Memon, Rukhsana Gul Gilal, Naeem Gul Gilal, Ahsan Ali Memon. Towards a new framework for mapping service brand avoidance: the moderating effect of gender and generation cohorts
146 -- 164Dorothy Ama Morrison, Frank Gbetornyeku, John Victor Mensah. Using human resource information systems as tools to enhance the performance of banks in Ghana
165 -- 189Surekha Rana, Priyanka Bhaskar, Preeti Bhaskar. Enablers and barriers to e-government adoption: an analysis of the employee perspective

Volume 12, Issue 1

3 -- 16Ying Cao, Can Cao. The intelligent monitoring method for bidirectional referral information resource in hospital based on big data
17 -- 34Eman Yassien. The challenges of capability maturity model integration application in the dynamic environment
35 -- 52Minglei Song, Rongrong Li, Binghua Wu. Intelligent control method for traffic flow at urban intersection based on vehicle networking
53 -- 70Chen H. Chung. Time-based hypercompetition
71 -- 92Aboubacar Garba Konte, Xiaohui Li. A study on the servant leader's psychological health