Journal: IJISCM

Volume 2, Issue 4

307 -- 333Korina Diamanti, Lina Ioannou, Athanasia Pouloudi, David Baglee. Supportive mechanisms for effective change management
334 -- 349Edephonce N. Nfuka, Lazar Rusu. Management of IT-enabled change in a public organisation in Tanzania
350 -- 371Balaji Janamanchi, James R. Burns. Reducing bullwhip oscillation in a supply chain: a system dynamics model-based study
372 -- 391Day-Yang Liu, Chung-Chi Liu. Success with venture capital: a case study on business strategy
392 -- 405David C. Chou, Amy Y. Chou. Analysis of a new information systems outsourcing practice: software-as-a-service business model

Volume 2, Issue 3

207 -- 216Chen H. Chung. Edification: towards a philosophy for change management
217 -- 231Edith Galy, Qinyu Liao, Garry L. Adams, Jason Bennett Thatcher. Organisational change and capability reconfiguration in information technology innovation
232 -- 260Faith-Michael E. Uzoka, Geoffrey G. Seleka, Joseph Khengere. E-commerce adoption in developing countries: a case analysis of environmental and organisational inhibitors
261 -- 278K. Vijayalakshmi, N. Ramaraj, R. Amuthakkannan, S. Senthamarai Kannan. A new algorithm in assembly for component-based software using dependency chart
279 -- 290Linying Dong. Does a project champion matter? An in-depth understanding of champion impact in a large-scale information system implementation
291 -- 304David C. Chou, Amy Y. Chou. Knowledge management for organisational innovation and change: a cross-functional analysis

Volume 2, Issue 2

109 -- 124Jörg Becker, Björn Niehaves, Karsten Klose. Political dimensions in IT consulting projects: a governance theory approach
125 -- 138Ravi Paul, Richard D. Hauser, John H. Bradley. The relationship between individual differences, culture, anxiety, computer self-efficacy and user performance
139 -- 154Fergal McCaffery, Gerry Coleman. Developing a configuration management capability model for the medical device industry
155 -- 166Raymond Wu. Component design, integration and service transformation in financial industry
167 -- 189James R. Burns, Balaji Janamanchi. Improved methods for task estimation and project tracking
190 -- 204David C. Chou. An investigation into IS outsourcing success: the role of quality and change management

Volume 2, Issue 1

4 -- 20Darren McCabe. Hard is soft : exploring the dangers of the hard / soft distinction
21 -- 29Amy Y. Chou, David C. Chou. The complementary role of business process reengineering and information technology to total quality management practices
30 -- 49R. Amuthakkannan, S. Senthamarai Kannan, K. Vijayalakshmi, V. Jayabalan. Managing change and reliability of distributed software system
50 -- 68Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon. Exploring the impact of essential IT skills on career satisfaction and organisational commitment of information systems professionals
69 -- 80Anil Gurung. The role of virtuality and work family conflict in forming attitudes towards virtual work
81 -- 99Jörg Becker, Christian Janiesch, Ralf Knackstedt, Tobias Rieke. Facilitating change management with configurative reference modelling
100 -- 106David C. Chou. Field development in change management: how information systems contribute to the process of organisational change