Journal: IJKM

Volume 10, Issue 4

1 -- 15Olaf Radant, Ricardo Colomo Palacios, Vladimir Stantchev. Analysis of Reasons, Implications and Consequences of Demographic Change for IT Departments in Times of Scarcity of Talent: A Systematic Review
16 -- 37Ángel Fidalgo Blanco, María Luisa Sein-Echaluce, Francisco J. García-Peñalvo. Knowledge Spirals in Higher Education Teaching Innovation
38 -- 49Marlin Alicia Aaron Gonzalvez, Oscar Alonso Castañeda Toledo, Ana Rosa Ibarra Rodriguez. The Management and Construction of Knowledge as an Innovation Strategy for Collaborative Learning Through the Use and Creation of Learning Communities and Networks
50 -- 72Erla M. Morales Morgado, Rosalynn A. Campos Ortuño, Ling-Ling Yang, Tránsito Ferreras-Fernández. Adaptation of Descriptive Metadata for Managing Educational Resources in the GREDOS Repository

Volume 10, Issue 3

1 -- 17Alton Y. K. Chua. A Formative Evaluation of Rendezvous: A Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Entertainment
18 -- 35M. M. Haris Aslam, Ahmed F. Siddiqi, Khuram Shahzad, Sami Ullah Bajwa. Predicting Student Academic Performance: Role of Knowledge Sharing and Outcome Expectations
36 -- 53Sandeep Vij, Rayees Farooq. Multi-Group Moderation Analysis for Relationship between Knowledge Sharing Orientation and Business Performance
54 -- 69Mahmood Hussain Shah, Nevena Rahneva, Rizwan Ahmed. Knowledge Management Practice at a Bulgarian Bank: A Case Study
70 -- 95Madora Moshonsky, Alexander Serenko, Nick Bontis. Examining the Transfer of Academic Knowledge to Business Practitioners: Doctoral Program Graduates as Intermediaries

Volume 10, Issue 2

1 -- 12Murray Jennex, Alexandra Durcikova. Integrating IS Security with Knowledge Management: Are We Doing Enough?
13 -- 27Ali Mohammad Padyab, Tero Päivärinta, Dan Harnesk. Genre-Based Approach to Assessing Information and Knowledge Security Risks
28 -- 42Stefan Thalmann, Markus Manhart, Paolo Ceravolo, Antonia Azzini. An Integrated Risk Management Framework: Measuring the Success of Organizational Knowledge Protection
43 -- 61Eduardo Rodriguez, John S. Edwards. Knowledge Management in Support of Enterprise Risk Management
62 -- 78Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca, Benjamin L. Schooley, Janine L. Spears. Exploring the Effect of Knowledge Transfer Practices on User Compliance to IS Security Practices

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 25Shanshan Shang. A Comprehensive Relational Model of Factors Influencing Knowledge Sharing: An Empirical Study
26 -- 42Isabel Rechberg, Jawad Syed. Knowledge Management Practices and the Focus on the Individual
43 -- 57B. P. Sharma, M. D. Singh. Modeling the Metrics of Individual, Organizational and Technological Knowledge Sharing Barriers: An Analytical Network Process Approach
58 -- 77Ahmed Mehrez. Reassessing Software Quality Performance: The Role of Knowledge Management
78 -- 91Bo Chang. Socio-Cultural Influences of Society on Knowledge Construction