Journal: IJKM

Volume 11, Issue 4

1 -- 18Ilona Ilvonen, Jari Juhani Jussila, Hannu Kärkkäinen. Towards a Business-Driven Process Model for Knowledge Security Risk Management: Making Sense of Knowledge Risks
19 -- 34Christina Sarigianni, Stefan Thalmann, Markus Manhart. Knowledge Risks of Social Media in the Financial Industry
35 -- 51Marilyn Phelps, Murray E. Jennex. Ownership of Collaborative Works in the Cloud
52 -- 69Janine L. Spears, Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca. Knowledge Transfer in Information Security Capacity Building for Community-Based Organizations

Volume 11, Issue 3

1 -- 16Karen Becker, Frances Jørgensen, Adelle Bish. Knowledge Identification and Acquisition in SMEs: Strategically Emergent or Just Ad Hoc?
17 -- 36Mohammadbashir Sedighi, Sander van Splunter, Fardad Zand, Frances M. T. Brazier. Evaluating Critical Success Factors Model of Knowledge Management: An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Approach
37 -- 54Kamla Ali Al-Busaidi. Inter-Organizational Knowledge Sharing System in the Health Sector: Physicians' Perspective
55 -- 72Cláudio Benevenuto de Campos Lima, Gilson Brito Alves de Lima, José Francisco Tebaldi de Castro. Improving Value in Oil Business with Integrated Operations: A Practical Case of Knowledge Management

Volume 11, Issue 2

1 -- 14Vincent Scovetta, Timothy J. Ellis. Leadership Social Power as a Component of KMS Success
15 -- 28David Hinds, Arvind Gudi. The Knowledge-as-Object Metaphor: A Case of Semantic Pathology
29 -- 61Zeying Wan, Nicole Haggerty, Yinglei Wang. Individual Level Knowledge Transfer in Virtual Settings: A Review and Synthesis

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 27Laila N. Marouf, Omar E. M. Khalil. The Influence of Individual Characteristics on Knowledge Sharing Practices, Enablers, and Barriers in a Project Management Context
28 -- 51Simon Cleveland, Timothy J. Ellis. Rethinking Knowledge Sharing Barriers: A Content Analysis of 103 Studies
52 -- 65James M. Bloodgood. The Negative Performance Implications of Industry Dynamism on Organizational Knowledge
66 -- 83Donald S. McKay II, Timothy J. Ellis. Measuring Knowledge Enablers and Project Success in IT Organizations
84 -- 100William Acar, Susan V. Iverson, Rami S. Al-Gharaibeh. Reconceptualizing the Knowledge Hierarchy for Management Education