Journal: IJKM

Volume 12, Issue 4

1 -- 19Nicole Amanda Celestine, Chris Perryer. The Impact of National Cultural Values on Intrinsic Motivation to Transfer Tacit Knowledge
20 -- 36Rezvan Hosseingholizadeh, Somayyeh Ebrahimi Koushk Mahdi, Hadi El-Farr. The Role of Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity in Achieving Effective Knowledge-Work: Knowledge Work and MAO
37 -- 50Gianni Campatelli, Alexander Richter, Alexander Stocker. Participative Knowledge Management to Empower Manufacturing Workers
51 -- 61Sven Dittes, Stefan Smolnik, Murray E. Jennex, David T. Croasdell. Eleven Years of the Knowledge Management Track at HICSS: An Overview

Volume 12, Issue 3

1 -- 14Cesar Bandera, Michael R. Bartolacci, Katia Passerini. Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurship: A Contradictory Recipe
15 -- 29Spyros Avdimiotis. Tacit Knowledge Management Within Hospitality Establishments: Revealing the Body of the Iceberg
30 -- 47Jatinder Kumar Jha, Jatin Pandey. Spreading the Light of Knowledge: Nexus of Job Satisfaction, Psychological Safety and Trust
48 -- 67Hammad Akbar, Faisal Shah Khan. Tapping Diverse Experiences: Toward Articulating Knowledge Creation Theory

Volume 12, Issue 2

1 -- 19Ulrich Bretschneider, Shkodran Zogaj. Exploring Strategies for Capturing Customer's Tacit Knowledge in Customer Integration Methods
20 -- 37Rodrigo Valio Dominguez Gonzalez. Knowledge Management Process in Multi-Site Provision of Service
38 -- 53Adedapo Oluwaseyi Ojo, Murali Raman. Antecedents of Local Personnel Absorptive Capacity in Joint Project Engineering Teams in Nigeria
54 -- 72Marianne Gloet, Danny Samson. Knowledge Management and Systematic Innovation Capability

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 17Ricardo Anderson, Gunjan Mansingh. Towards a Comprehensive Process Model for Transitioning MIS to KMS
18 -- 30Ronald John Lofaro. Knowledge Management in 2016: A Newer Delphi with Applications
31 -- 44Meliha Handzic, Kursad Ozlen, Nermina Durmic. A Contingency Approach to Knowledge Management: Finding the Best Fit
45 -- 59Rodrigo Valio Dominguez Gonzalez. Knowledge Retention in the Service Industry