Journal: IJKM

Volume 13, Issue 4

1 -- 30Hanlie Smuts, Paula Kotzé, Alta van der Merwe, Marianne Loock. Framework for Managing Shared Knowledge in an Information Systems Outsourcing Context
31 -- 55Rajorshi Sen Gupta. Knowledge Management and Quality Control in Software Outsourcing Projects
56 -- 72Lakshmi Goel. Distributed 'Knowing in Practice' Enabled by Knowledge Management Systems
73 -- 89Nurhidayah Bahar, Shamshul Bahri Zakaria. Knowledge Management Process-Oriented Strategy for Healthcare Organizations
90 -- 110Shu Han, Avimanyu Datta, Kshiti D. Joshi, Lei Chi. Innovation Through Boundary Spanning: The Role of IT in Enabling Knowledge Flows Across Technological and Geographical Boundaries

Volume 13, Issue 3

1 -- 19Mark E. Nissen. Working Toward a System for Measuring Dynamic Knowledge
20 -- 37Kauffmann David, Carmi Golan. The Mediating Effect of Interpersonal Trust on Virtual Team's Collaboration
38 -- 54Ted Bibbes, Minna Rollins, Wesley J. Johnston. Exploring the Role of the Project Manager in Organizational Knowledge Creation
55 -- 70Qian Sun, Renyong Hou. Knowledge Forms and Enterprise Innovation Performance: An Evidence from the Dimensions of Stock and Flow

Volume 13, Issue 2

1 -- 17Ronel Davel, Adeline du Toit, Martie M. Mearns. Understanding Knowledge Networks Through Social Network Analysis
18 -- 34Vincent Scovetta. The Impact of Personal and Positional Powers on Knowledge Management Systems
35 -- 48Aries Heru Prasetyo. Knowledge Management Proponents or Opponents: Empirical Test on Micro Finance in Emerging Market
49 -- 64Luan Carlos Santos Silva, Silvia Gaia, Carla Schwengber ten Caten, Renata Tilemann Facó. Technology Transfer and Innovation Management: The Brazilian TTOs Challenges

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 15Ali Intezari, David J. Pauleen. The Past-Present-Future Conundrum: Extending Time-Bound Knowledge
16 -- 33Hsiao-Ming Chen, Yu-Hsi Yuan, Chia-Huei Wu, Chien-Yun Dai. Moderator Effects of Proactive Knowledge Transfer Among Knowledge Transfer Usefulness, Management, and Innovation: A Study of Knowledge Innovation Effective Model Construction
34 -- 52Nuno Carvalho, Isabel Gomes. Knowledge Sharing between Enterprises of the Same Group
53 -- 74Michael Twum-Darko, Lee-Anne Lesley Harker. Understanding Knowledge Sharing in an Organization: A Perspective of Actor-Network Theory