Journal: IJKM

Volume 15, Issue 4

1 -- 15Trevor Tin Shing LUI, Zhicheng Li, Samuel K. W. Chu. Achieving Business Performance Via Implementation of Knowledge Management: A Comparative Study of MAKE and non-MAKE Companies
16 -- 37Deepak M. D., Gangadhar Mahesh, Narotham Kumar Medi. Knowledge Management Influence on Safety Management Practices: Evidence from Construction Industry
38 -- 55Irena Atanasova. A University Knowledge Management Tool for the Evaluation of the Efficiency and Quality of Learning Resources in Distance e-Learning
56 -- 77Himanshu Joshi, Deepak Chawla. How Knowledge Management Influences Performance?: Evidences from Indian Manufacturing and Services Firms
78 -- 93Jayani Probodha, Shanmuganathan Vasanthapriyan. Analysis of Knowledge Sharing Barriers in Sri Lankan Software Companies
94 -- 113Sladjana Cabrilo, Rosanna Leung. Do Leaders Really Matter in Knowledge Management Practices? Case of Serbian Companies

Volume 15, Issue 3

1 -- 23Zuzana Crhová, Jana Matosková. The Link Between Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Performance: Empirical Evidence From the Czech Republic
24 -- 44Sonali Bhattacharya, Pooja Sharma. Dilemma Between 'It's My or It's My Organization's Territory': Antecedent to Knowledge Hiding in Indian Knowledge Base Industry
45 -- 65Imane El Amrani, Abdelmjid Saka, Nada Matta, Taoufik Ouazzani Chahdi. A Methodology for Building Knowledge Memory Within the Handicraft Sector
66 -- 82Madelon van Oostrom, José Antonio Pedraza-Rodríguez, Manuel Fernández-Esquinas. Does the Location in a Science and Technology Park Influence University - Industry Relationships?: Evidence From a Peripheral Region
83 -- 102Juan Manuel Gómez Reynoso, Kamla Ali Al-Busaidi. Empowering Organizations Through Customer Knowledge Acquisition: An Empirical Study in Mexico

Volume 15, Issue 2

1 -- 19Shahper Richter, Lena Waizenegger, Melanie Steinhüser, Alexander Richter. Knowledge Management in the Dark: The Role of Shadow IT in Practices in Manufacturing
1 -- 13Jennifer Lewis Priestley, Robert J. McGrath. The Evolution of Data Science: A New Mode of Knowledge Production
20 -- 35Manzoor Ul Akram, Chetna Chauhan, Koustab Ghosh, Amol Singh. Knowledge Management, Sustainable Business Performance and Empowering Leadership: A Firm-Level Approach
36 -- 54Didi Sundiman, Chien-Hsing Wu 0001, Andi Mursidi, I-Hsien Ting. Task-Individual-Social Software Fit in Knowledge Creation Performance
55 -- 80Said Abdullah Al Saifi. Toward a Theoretical Model of Learning Organization and Knowledge Management Processes
81 -- 96Eugene Okyere-Kwakye, Khalil Md Nor, Khairiah Soehod, Zaitul. Intergroup Contact Theory: Examining Knowledge Sharing Among Individuals From Different Tribes

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 18Hayden Wimmer, Jie Du, Roy Rada. Knowledge Portals: A Review
19 -- 36Wiliam Acar, Rami Al-Gharaibeh. Internal and Consulting Information Flows in the Process of Knowledge Accumulation
37 -- 52Cheuk Hang Au, Walter S. L. Fung. Integrating Knowledge Management into Information Security: From Audit to Practice
53 -- 68Nora Fteimi, Dirk Basten, Franz Lehner. Advancing Automated Content Analysis in Knowledge Management Research: The Use of Compound Concepts
69 -- 84Eduardo Künzel Teixeira, Mírian Oliveira, Carla Maria Marques Curado. Pursuing Innovation Through Knowledge Sharing: Brazil and Portugal
85 -- 100Patrick Ngulube. Mapping Methodological Issues in Knowledge Management Research, 2009-2014