Journal: IJKM

Volume 17, Issue 3

1 -- 16Nora Fteimi, Olivia Hornung, Stefan Smolnik. When Emotions Rule Knowledge: A Text-Mining Study of Emotions in Knowledge Management Research
17 -- 30Jim Nelson. Hunch Mining
31 -- 49Carla Curado, João Graça, Mírian Oliveira, Alexandra Fernandes. Knowledge Sharing in Catholic Organizations: A Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis
50 -- 67Vibha Mahajan, Jyoti Sharma. Self-Learning and Self-Satisfaction: Exploring the Relationship Through Knowledge-Sharing Behaviour
68 -- 87Yanyan Shang, Yousra Harb. Why Would I Share?: The Intention to Use Blogs for Knowledge Sharing According to Gender, Experience, and Cultural Differences
88 -- 99Roderic A. Girle. Foundations for Knowledge and Belief Management

Volume 17, Issue 2

1 -- 22Jorge Muniz Jr., Vagner Batista Ribeiro, Ninad Pradhan. Knowledge-Based Assessment Applied to Lean Brazilian Toyota Plants: Employees' Perceptions
23 -- 49Siwei Sun, Fangyu Zhang, Victor Chang 0001. Motivators of Researchers' Knowledge Sharing and Community Promotion in Online Multi-Background Community
50 -- 71Ayesha Naeem, Rab Nawaz Lodhi, Aman Ullah. How Transformational Leadership Influences the Knowledge-Sharing Process: Mediating the Role of Trust
72 -- 103Haitham Mohsin Kareem, Khairul Azman Aziz, Ruhanita Maelah, Yusasniza Mohd Yunus, Awatif Alsheikh, Warda Alsheikh. The Influence of Accounting Information Systems, Knowledge Management Capabilities, and Innovation on Organizational Performance in Iraqi SMEs
104 -- 129Junaid Rehman, Igor Titus Hawryszkiewycz, Osama Sohaib, Fatuma Namisango. Deriving Intellectual Capital Bottom-Line in Professional Service Firms: A High Performance Work Practices Perspective
130 -- 154Zhimin Wang, Kwek Choon Ling, Honggui Li. The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on the Relationship Between Market Orientation and Service Innovation

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 14Leandro Ferreira Pereira, José Santos, Álvaro Lopes Dias, Renato L. Costa. Knowledge Management in Projects
15 -- 32Samir Marwan Hammami, Faisal Ahmed, Jestin Johny, Mohammed Ali Bait Ali Sulaiman. Impact of Knowledge Capabilities on Organisational Performance in the Private Sector in Oman: An SEM Approach Using Path Analysis
33 -- 51Amine Nehari-Talet, Louay Karadsheh, Samer Alhawari, Hana Hunaiti. The Importance of Knowledge-Based Risk Processes to Risk Analysis
52 -- 71Lijun Liu, Zuhua Jiang. How to Accumulate Empirical Engineering Knowledge in the Complex Problem-Solving Process for Novice Engineers
72 -- 92Vardan Mkrttchian. Avatars-Based Decision Support System Using Blockchain and Knowledge Sharing for Processes Simulation: A Natural Intelligence Implementation of the Multi-Chain Open Source Platform
93 -- 112Mercy Veronica Chaita, Welcome Sibanda. The Role of Knowledge in Enhancing SME Innovation: The Case of Knowsley - Northwest Region of England