Journal: IJKM

Volume 7, Issue 4

1 -- 21Shahnawaz Muhammed, William J. Doll, Xiaodong Deng. Impact of Knowledge Management Practices on Task Knowledge: An Individual Level Study
22 -- 36Hayward P. Andres. Team Learning and Reflexivity in Technology-Mediated Collaboration
37 -- 54Anirban Ganguly, Ali Mostashari, Mo Mansouri. Measuring Knowledge Management/Knowledge Sharing (KM/KS) Efficiency and Effectiveness in Enterprise Networks
55 -- 69David Smiderle, Patricia L. Weigel Green. How Should Students Prepare for Exams: A Knowledge Management Approach
70 -- 84Sung-Kwan Kim, Joe Felan, Moo Hong Kang. An Ontological Approach to Enterprise Knowledge Modeling in a Shipping Company

Volume 7, Issue 3

1 -- 10G. Scott Erickson, Helen N. Rothberg. Assessing Knowledge Management Needs: A Strategic Approach to Developing Knowledge
11 -- 26Ulrich Reimer, Edith Maier, Stephan Streit, Thomas Diggelmann, Manfred Hoffleisch. Learning a Lightweight Ontology for Semantic Retrieval in Patient-Centered Information Systems
27 -- 42Quoc Trung Pham, Yoshinori Hara. KM Approach for Improving the Labor Productivity of Vietnamese Enterprise
43 -- 60Mariano Angel Montoni, Ana Regina Cavalcanti da Rocha. Using Grounded Theory to Acquire Knowledge About Critical Success Factors for Conducting Software Process Improvement Implementation Initiatives
61 -- 75Enrico Scarso, Ettore Bolisani. Managing Professions for Knowledge Management
74 -- 90Ioannis Papadakis, Konstantinos Kyprianos. Merging Controlled Vocabularies for More Efficient Subject-Based IR Systems
91 -- 104Zbigniew Mikolajuk. Community-Based Development of Knowledge Products

Volume 7, Issue 2

1 -- 21Varintorn Supyuenyong, Fredric William Swierczek. Knowledge Management Process and Organizational Performance in SMEs
22 -- 48Sang-Hoon Lee, Bongsik Shin, Ho Geun Lee. Boundary Spanning Role of the IS Development Team in Consultant-Partnered Projects: Knowledge Management Perspective
49 -- 67Amine Nehari-Talet, Samer Al Hawari, Ebrahim Mansour, Haroun Alryalat. The Practice of Jordanian Business to Attain Customer Knowledge Acquisition
68 -- 85Deepak Chawla, Himanshu Joshi. Impact of Knowledge Management Dimensions on Learning Organization: Comparison Across Business Excellence Awarded and Non-Awarded Indian Organizations
86 -- 101Farley Simon Nobre, David S. Walker. A Dynamic Ability-Based View of the Organization

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 15Hind Benbya. Valuing Knowledge-Based Initiatives: What We Know and What We Don t Know
16 -- 34Reimar Palte, Michael Hertlein, Stefan Smolnik, Gerold Riempp. The Effects of a KM Strategy on KM Performance in Professional Services Firms
35 -- 54Suzanne Zyngier. Knowledge Management: Realizing Value through Governance
55 -- 76Élise Lavoué, Sébastien George, Patrick Prévôt. A Knowledge Management Tool for the Interconnection of Communities of Practice